PictureCube® Display System

Take Messaging to a New Dimension

Attract attention with big graphics and backlighting! PictureCube towers and ceiling-hung units feature large fabric graphics and can be backlit for ultimate 'pop.' With 15 models in varying shapes and sizes (up to 16' tall), PictureCube carries a powerful presence on its own or as a component of a larger design solution. PictureCube has a lightweight aluminum frame, packs small, installs quickly and is easily repositioned.

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The Best Fabric for Backlighting

Skyline's proprietary Performa® Display Fabric is great for backlighting, because it is designed for even light diffusion across the panel surface. Performa is durable and washable.

Clean, Streamlined Look! PictureCube allows your graphics and message to stand out with a frame that is nearly invisible and a graphic connection system that is hidden beneath its surface.

Intense, Low-Energy Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Lighting provides intense white light with low energy use. Bulbs are small and easily repacked.

Attract Attention From Afar

Lightweight hanging units create interest and attract attention from a distance.