Tables and Accessories

trade show tables - add valuable workspace

Add Valuable Workspace

Skyline workstations bring additional functionality to your display. You get valuable space for demos, literature or taking leads. Skyline workstations work big, yet pack small.

trade show tables - full of features

Full Of Features

Skyline has a variety of workstation systems that offer a range of features from secure storage and lead management to keyboard trays and technology integration.

trade show tables - utilize your cases

Utilize Your Cases

Instead of hiding or storing your display cases, transform them into a table! You get additional work surface and branding opportunity.

trade show tables - interactive presentations

Interactive Presentations

Skyline display and table systems are designed to integrate the latest communication technology like flat screens and tablets.

trade show tables - your info front and center

Your Info Front And Center

Convey your message. Versatile information placards house iPad® and other tablets to bring photos, videos and presentations to the aisle or anywhere in your booth space you want to engage prospects.

trade show tables - make literature accessible

Make Literature Accessible

Lightweight literature holders organize brochures and make literature easily accessible to attendees. Skyline literature holders fold nearly flat and sets up in seconds.

Attractive, Functional Workstations & Accessories

table displays - Occasions® modular table

Occasions® Modular Table

Occasions gives your brand a powerful presence and provides the functionality needed for face-to-face marketing. It is customizable with a host of accessories and versatile to fit changing needs.

table displays - Stratus® table system

Stratus® Table System

Table, workstation or kiosk! Stratus gives you portability, flexibility and style. It sets up in minutes without tools, is lightweight, packs small to save on costs, yet it is very sturdy, supporting up to 100 lbs. (45 kg).

table displays - Convey® placards

Convey® Placards

Convey your message in style with Convey® Information Placards. They’re a perfect complement to trade show exhibits and can be used as stand-alone kiosks in retail applications, in lobbies or at events.

table displays - Mirage® Case Table

Mirage® Case Table

Cost-efficient case table. Transform your display cases into a table. You get additional work surface and branding opportunity.

table displays - tapered fabric case table

Tapered Fabric Case Table

Stylish table complements exhibits of any size. The Tapered Fabric Table is designed to set up easy and pack small.

table displays - Mosiac® panel system

Mosaic® Panel System

Mosaic has a variety of panel shapes, sizes, and surfaces that are all compatible and interchangeable so you can create an exhibit that looks great and fits your unique needs.

Compare Skyline Table Systems

Compare Skyline's 11 table systems and choose your best choice for storage, weight, style, wire management, portability, graphics, reception counters, and more. You're sure to get a table that fits your exact needs.

Compare Skyline Table Systems

Request a Skyline Stratus Table brochure today!

Request a Skyline Stratus Table brochure today!

Whether you need a basic table, a highly functional workstation or an eye-catching kiosk, Skyline's Stratus Table System can do it all. Stratus gives you portability, flexibility and style -- all at a great value.