The Mirage System

“I had already purchased a less expensive aluminum pop-up display via the internet when I discovered Skyline's Mirage. I wanted a high-quality pop-up that will last for years, so I bought the Mirage as well. Now someone else owns the internet unit!”

Jeff Anderson
Christoff Mitchell Petroleum

Pop-Up Portability

Great look and convenience! Mirage pop-up displays give you a classic curved look and big, uninterrupted graphics. Mirage is easy to set up, ship, and transport. Frames and channels have a lifetime warranty.

The Very Best Frames. Period.

The most durable pop-up frames available. If impacted, Mirage's fiberglass or carbon frames flex and bounce back without damage, unlike aluminum. Mirage is the world's most popular pop-up.

Highest Quality Graphics

Make an impression on clients and prospects with the highest quality, longest lasting graphics.

Mirage Classic Frame

The legendary pop-up! Mirage’s fiberglass rods flex without breaking or kinking. The lightweight frame pops up instantly and locks into place with connectors.

Mirage Advantage Frame

Mirage Advantage combines the lightweight durability of a fiberglass frame with the speed of a self-locking frame. The frame instantly pops up and into place with magnetic connectors.

Mirage Plus Frame

The industry’s premier pop-up! Mirage Plus’ high-tech carbon frame is self-locking. It instantly pops up and into place with no additional connectors.

Convenient Case Table

Transform your cases into a branded workstation! Table top and panels attach quickly and easily with magnets.

Attract With Backlighting!

Mirage can be backlit with Skyline LED lighting to attract attention to your brand and message.

Backlit Bubble Panel

Bubble Panel gives Mirage a new look and can be backlit for more attention. Easy to install or change out as your message changes.

Marquee Header

Marquee header spans the curve of Mirage and can be backlit to make your name and message stand out.

Digital Presentations

Mirage Monitor Mount allows exhibitors to mount up to two 15 lb. monitors or up to four 10 lb. monitors on their 10' curved Mirage frame.


A variety of accessories like shelving, counters and flat screens display your products and message.


Mirage has shelving, racking and other accessories available to showcase products of all kinds.

Convex Graphic Panels

Mirage is designed to accommodate graphics on both front and back for island applications.

Island Configuration

Connect 3 Mirage units together to create an attractive island exhibit.

Is Mirage's composite frame more durable than aluminum?

The most durable pop-up frames available. Period. Mirage frames are the most durable in the industry. If impacted, they bounce back without damage -- unlike any other pop-up.

Success Stories, Photos and Ideas


Heritage Collectables garners one-third of its annual sales at a dozen shows and needs as much space as possible to display its commemorative knives and firearms. Think small, Skyline advised...


A new logo, changes to two major product lines and a story-telling exhibit produced a happy ending for John Deere-Green Tech. “We had phenomenal results. Our new exhibit..."


Known for superior quality, Big Bear Promotionals upgraded to a tabletop display that reflects the company’s image. “We wanted to use bold, eye-catching graphics that would..."

Rental Catalog

With Skyline portable and custom modular systems, you can rent virtually any exhibit design at any size. Visit our Rental Catalog to see just some designs we have for rent.


From portable displays to massive custom modular island exhibits, see photos and concepts of exhibits that Skyline designed for a wide variety of exhibiting objectives.

Request a Free Skyline Mirage® Product Brochure

Request a free Mirage® Product Brochure

Great look and convenience! Mirage® pop-up displays give you a classic curved look and big, seamless graphics. Mirage is easy to set up, ship, and transport.