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Skyline Iowa | Nebraska CARI VILAS-ROSNO, CEO & President


As Skyline’s owner, marathon runner, mother-of-three superwoman, Cari is extremely passionate about finding the best solution for her clients’ trade show needs… and the perfect cup of coffee. Spend a day with Cari and you’ll see why a “triple tall crème brûlée latte with half pumps of syrup, soy milk and whip, in a pre-steamed cup” is the key to conquering the world.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska SHAUN SHELLER, VP & Director of Operations

SHAUN SHELLER, VP & Director of Operations

Shaun is the heartbeat (and drill sergeant) of Skyline. He’s responsible for… well, everything. If there’s a problem to be solved, big or small, Shaun’s your guy. A stint in the Marine Corps helped create the meticulous, dedicated, disciplined, passionate trade show partner you see today.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska KELLY SHELDON, Marketing Consultant

KELLY SHELDON, Marketing Consultant

Kelly joined the Skyline team with an extensive customer service background, and it shows with the excellent service she provides for her clients.  Kelly is always thinking outside the box, and loves finding the perfect solutions to her client needs.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska KIM FRANK, Marketing Consultant

KIM FRANK, Marketing Consultant

With a strong background in both sales and marketing, Kim takes a consultative approach with her clients and brings a creative energy to the team. Establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients is her top priority. As a Georgia native, Kim’s Southern charm is a great addition to our Nebraska office.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska JACKIE STINSON


As accountant for Skyline Exhibits Iowa | Nebraska, Jackie keeps the books (and employees) in check. After all, someone has to be the responsible one! Accounting may seem boring to some people, but Jackie’s bubbly personality makes it seem rather enjoyable! When Jackie’s not tracking down receipts from employees, she loves spending time with her family, friends and her Shih Tzu, Toodles.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska SARA SCHUELER, Account Manager

SARA SCHUELER, Account Manager

After 8 years in Chicago, Sara returned home to Iowa and fell in love with the trade show industry. She excels at keeping projects moving; if she needs something to get done she pushes until she gets answers. There have been talks of cloning her, although management is still debating that because she is (and always will be) a Hawkeye.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska KASSIE GRAZIANO, Account Manager

KASSIE GRAZIANO, Account Manager

Constantly running at full steam, Kassie is always on a mission—and you’d better get out of her way because she brakes for no one. As part of Skyline’s project management team, she can be heard (for miles) keeping her clients and vendors in line. Kassie loves a challenge and will tackle any task thrown her way.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska LINDSEY PLUIM, Account Coordinator

LINDSEY PLUIM, Account Coordinator

Coming soon!

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska JENNIFER HAYWOOD, Designer


Coming soon!

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska KRISTINA WALKER, Administrative Assistant

KRISTINA WALKER, Administrative Assistant

Kristina excels at keeping track of the schedule – and not just her own! She is responsible for assisting everyone – and we mean everyone – with various projects ranging from administration to project coordination to marketing and sales support. Kristina also does a little scheduling work at home keeping up with her two daughters and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska ANDREW COWDEN, Service Manager

ANDREW COWDEN, Service Manager

Recently promoted to Service Manager for Skyline Iowa | Nebraska, Andrew keeps tabs on all things service-related, from shipping & receiving to inventory to install and dismantle projects. His wonderful attitude keeps everyone motivated, and helps ensure that our clients are 100% thrilled with every aspect of their display. He’s a creative problem solver and sure to catch every detail. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, outdoor activities, motorcycling, golf, and Husker football.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska HOWARD FREERKSEN, Service Technician

HOWARD FREERKSEN, Service Technician

As Skyline Exhibits Iowa | Nebraska’s Senior Service Technician, Howard takes great pride and ownership in his work, and documents every move our clients’ assets make while in his care. Howard keeps things moving in the back to ensure that deadlines are met, and we all know how important deadlines are in this industry. If you look up the word dependable in the dictionary, you will see Howard’s name.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska RYAN OLSON, Field Service Technician

RYAN OLSON, Field Service Technician

Ryan comes to Skyline with a background in the commercial construction industry, which comes in handy as he travels around the globe supervising the install and dismantle of our clients’ trade show displays. He’s great at making decisions and finding answers on the trade show floor and keeps our clients happy and worry-free.

Skyline Iowa | Nebraska DALTON JOHNSON, Service Technician

DALTON JOHNSON, Service Technician

Dalton works diligently checking in and repacking displays, repairing inventory, staging displays, shipping & receiving, photographing inventory, and the list goes on! He is a quick learner and enjoys building new displays and seeing them come to life! In his free time, Dalton enjoys spending time with his little sisters and taking his dog out for a run.

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