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Skyline Exhibits & Octanorm Announce the Commencement of Distribution of New Exhibit Technology Outside of U.S. & Canada

ST. PAUL (July 2013) -- U.S. based Skyline Exhibits, a leading designer and producer of exhibits and graphics for trade shows and marketing events, has reached a distribution agreement with Octanorm®, GmbH to have the Germany based company promote and distribute Skyline's new technology -- the Skyline® WindScape™ Exhibit System - outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Skyline dealers in the U.S. and Canada will distribute the new product in their respective countries. Throughout the rest of the world, the product will be distributed by Skyline's global network of dealers along with Octanorm Service Partners International (OSPI). Octanorm, based in Filderstadt, Germany, has an extensive exhibit and event distributor network.

"The use of the Skyline and Octanorm networks will lead to stronger initial distribution and faster adoption of the new Skyline WindScape™ technology around the world," stated Bill Dierberger, President, Skyline Exhibits. "We are truly excited to offer this high quality, exhibitor friendly system to the world." Both companies will continue to independently distribute their other products.

Revolutionary Exhibit Technology
Skyline® WindScape™ is the world's first air-powered exhibit system. Frames are inflated with the push of a button rather than assembled like traditional exhibit systems. Customized, double-sided fabric graphics come pre-attached so installation is quick and easy. A 10-foot backwall display goes from case to exhibit ready in under 7 minutes, with no tools.

"We are excited to offer this new technology to our clients," stated Hans Bruder, Managing Director, Octanorm. "We think many exhibitors will appreciate the ease of operation and the related cost savings that come with a system that's so lightweight and packs so small yet looks so impressive. This product will bring significant and long lasting changes to the Exhibit and Event Industry."

Skyline WindScape™ launched with 46 shapes ranging from a small tabletop display and 10-foot backwall to larger conference rooms and 16-foot diameter hanging structures.

Including the inflator, the tabletop model fits in a backpack, while a 10-foot backwall display fits in a carry-on case stowable in a plane's overhead bin.

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