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What Can Trade Show Displays Offer Your Rebrand Efforts?

December 11, 2014

Trade Show Displays Help Minimize the Challenge of Building Brand Image

Successful organizations don’t just have an established reputation, successful organizations and businesses also have an established brand. In order to maximize recognition of your brand, you must be continuously and strategically propelling your brand name forward.

Whether you’re creating your company brand from scratch, or attempting to rebrand your organization, you will likely find yourself struggling with a slew of challenges and obstacles standing between your company and worldwide consumer acceptance. It’s vital to create a campaign that details your rebranding approach. Putting together a carefully outlined strategy that includes both traditional and online marketing resources is critical to ensure that you’re comprehensively rebranding your organization as effectively as possible. Trade shows are a great place to do this.

What Can Trade Show Displays Offer Your Rebrand Efforts?

Understanding some of the key advantages that trade show displays can deliver can help you best leverage these live encounter marketing tools for optimal rebranding success.

Ultimate Customization Options: Your trade show display offers your company a huge advantage. You’ll have the opportunity to customize your exhibit however you want, and in accordance with your rebranding efforts. This means that you and your design team can strategize the best way to showcase your new brand and make it the highlight and focal point of the booth. When designing your new exhibit, customized shapes, colors, and structures can really enhance your new name and look.

Mass Advertising: The problem with most rebranding initiatives is that it takes so long to generate public awareness and gain traction within your business’ specific consumer niche. Luckily, this is where trade shows come in. Once you’ve customized your trade show exhibit, you’re ready to unveil your new look to the perfect targeted audience. Participating in industry events like trade shows, means that you’ll have access to large groups of consumers within your targeted demographic. Best of all, these attendees have chosen to participate in each event, so they’ll actually be interested in what your new brand has to say about your business.

Level Playing Field: Every rebranding effort strives to showcase the organization as a force to reckon with; trade show displays instantly help businesses of every size and scope do just that. You’ll not only be working your booth with the crowd, you’ll also be unveiling your new image while going head to head with your biggest competitors on a completely level playing field.

The Chance to Make a Great First Impression: Most importantly, for many exhibitors at a show, their booth and what it conveys is their chance to make a great first impression with prospective clients. Having a customized stand, product samples, and a poised and professional team can all help establish your corporate brand as an industry innovator and trend setter.

If you’re looking for the best opportunity to showcase your new brand and get the word out about your new image, take advantage of trade shows. For even more advice, check out this article.

Rebranding also means you’ll be needing some new promotions and promotional materials. To help you do it right, read the Using Promotions & Social Media to Get More Trade Show Visitors white paper to help. Click here for your free copy.


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