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16 Embarrassing Signs You Need A New Trade Show Display

June 12, 2015

By Mike Thimmesch

You can tell when you really need to buy a new car:  Small rust holes merging into bigger rust holes; the billows of smoke from burning oil; the engine that is so loud you have to shout to be heard.

But what about your trade show displays?  What similar clues hint that it’s time to send your display to the junk yard and start over?  You’ll know it’s time if you’ve experienced any of these:

  1. The colors on your trade show booth are out of fashion – again.
  2. All the people in your exhibit photos have big 80’s hair.
  3. Your booth staffers wear bags over their heads.
  4. Your booth staffers keep their backs to the aisles.
  5. Your booth staffers try to stay in the aisle the entire show.
  6. Your booth staffers arrange for all their at-show meetings to take place in the coffee shop.
  7. Visitors to your booth say, “Wow, what a cool retro look!” when that actually wasn’t your design intention.
  8. There is a bird nest in the tower of your trade show booth.
  9. The lights on your trade show display use technology that is no longer available.
  10. Your trade show exhibit uses more duct tape than MacGyver.
  11. Some countries that no longer exist are included in your bulleted list of countries where you have distribution.
  12. The words “keen” and “neato” appear in your exhibit graphics.
  13. You have multiple layers of white-out used to change text on your graphics.
  14. There is more carpet-like fabric than graphic images on your backwall displays.
  15. Your exhibit architecture has a Soviet-era feel.
  16. Attendees to your booth only compliment you on your rented carpet.

If you’ve had to endure any of these embarrassing moments, or experience other similar awkward episodes, perhaps it’s time to investigate purchasing or renting a new trade show exhibit.



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