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37 Things A Trade Show Booth Does

May 03, 2013

By Michael Thimmesch

Recently I wrote a surprisingly popular blog post called “44 Things A Booth Staffer Does.” Some readers were amazed at the wide range of skills and tasks booth staffers require, while other readers wanted to share with their naïve peers just how much staffers actually do.

That led me to think about the job of your biggest booth staffer.  And I’m not talking about that body builder from sales, or the big cheese CEO.  I’m talking about your trade show booth.

Trade show displays are multitasking marvels made of metal, wood, fabric and more.  Just like your booth staffers, they’ve got a very long to-do list.  Imagine what it takes to build one thing that has to do all 37 of these things well:

  1. Build, enhance, reposition and maintain your brand
  2. Support your booth staff
  3. Generates leads
  4. Be seen from a distance
  5. Communicate quickly
  6. Stop attendees
  7. Help attract qualified attendees
  8. Promote your benefits
  9. Announce your product markets
  10. Break your company into new markets
  11. Tell your story
  12. Host a presentation
  13. Provide meeting space
  14. Display your products
  15. Introduce your new products
  16. Recruit new employees
  17. Advances the buying cycle
  18. Host a press conference
  19. Make a statement
  20. Reinforce a themed message
  21. Answers questions
  22. Store your staffer’s stuff, plus promotions, supplies and electronic gear
  23. Facilitate dialog
  24. Scare your competitors
  25. Reinforce business partnerships
  26. Welcome customers
  27. Change booth sizes
  28. Change messages to fit different markets
  29. Instill pride in your team
  30. Impress investors
  31. Minimize operating costs
  32. Pass show regulations
  33. Pack down efficiently
  34. Set up as easily as possible
  35. Travel without getting damaged
  36. Last for years
  37. More than pay for itself

Your trade show booth must be a marketing powerhouse, a great host, a workplace, and a versatile team player.  May you find the right booth for you.


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