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FREE WHITE PAPER: What Attendees Tell Us About Best Practices

April 26, 2014

White Paper Research Report

Based on an unprecedentedly large-scale research study, Marketech reveals what 3,341 trade show attendees, in interviews held at 30 events, said caused them to visit trade show exhibits.

Skyline has sponsored this new, 16-page research report and made it available free to exhibitors, who can get a copy by requesting it here.  The white paper details what are the most important factors that get attendees to visit exhibits, plus shares other key findings and best practices to help exhibitors improve their trade show results.

Please fill in the info below and we'll send your white paper right away!

What Attendees Tell Us About Best Practices

Boost your trade show results with insights from this new white paper,  What Attendees Tell Us About Best Practices, based on over 3,000 interviews with trade show attendees.  Complete the form to get your free copy now.