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10 Foot Trade Show Displays: Which Kind Is Best For You?

April 27, 2016

By Mike Thimmesch 

10 foot trade show displays come in two big categories.  Which is right for you?

What’s the first thing you should decide about your 10 foot trade show display?  Is it the message?  The images?  The colors?  Nope.  While worthwhile questions, it’s not time for them yet.

The first thing to decide is whether you should get a portable trade show display, or a modular inline exhibit.  (You could also get a traditional custom exhibit, but for a 10 foot display that’s like getting a sledgehammer to put in a carpet tack).

Portable 10 foot trade show displays offer easier and cheaper transport and set up.

Portable 10 foot trade show displays Most exhibitors favor portable 10 foot trade show displays.  They like how it helps them get in and out of the show hall easier, sets up fast, packs small, and keeps their costs down.  And especially when you have different staffers setting up your display (without training!) at shows all around the country, it really helps to make it as fool-proof to set up as possible.  These are all good benefits and help explain the success of portable 10 foot trade show displays.

Modular 10 foot trade show displays Yet there are some exhibitors willing to pay double or even triple the cost of a portable to purchase their display, even though it will still be used in the same basic 10 foot by 10 foot space.   They also will be paying more for their exhibit at every show, because it costs more to transport and set up.   Why?

Modular 10 foot trade show displays offer greater sophistication and branding power for marketing-driven exhibitors

In a word, marketing.  They want an exhibit that will propel their brand to the top.  They value their brand image and the opportunity of their trade show audience even more than the benefits of portability offered by a banner stand or a pop-up display.   They want a more upscale, elegant design for hosting their valuable prospects.  They are willing to let someone else set up the exhibit, because they’re at the show to generate big business.

This is a new idea to some exhibitors who hadn’t yet considered getting a modular 10 foot trade show display.  They only saw the value of getting in and out of the show fast, and saving lots of money on shipping, drayage, and set up.  But once they see the marketing advantages of modular 10 foot trade show displays, they open up to the possibilities.  Perhaps they could look better than the average exhibitor?  Wouldn’t it be better to look like the leader?

For the person first considering modular 10 foot trade show displays, it’s worth reiterating that the modular exhibit they are infatuated with does come with greater operating costs.  If you plan to do 20 shows a year, are you willing to pay that greater shipping and drayage bill?  Are you willing to either set it up yourself, or even pay someone else to set it up for you?  If the answer is still yes, then make the leap up to a more sophisticated marketing image, greater booth functionality, and the opportunity to generate more leads.

Both portable and modular are good choices, you decide which is best for you Once you make that decision to go with a portable 10 foot trade show display or a modular exhibit, you can then go on to determining your message, your look, and your overall trade show exhibit design.  And whatever messages, images, and colors you pick, you’ll be adapting them to the structure of the exhibit system you’ve already chosen.

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