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5 Reasons Modular Trade Show Exhibits Are Better Than Custom Exhibits

December 29, 2015

By Ken Buckman, Skyline TradeTec

Attending trade shows and putting in an appearance at the many industry-specific conferences and conventions held each year is a crucial part of most company’s marketing plans.  Companies that participate in these shows and conferences often invest a significant amount of their budget in exhibits that are designed to capture the interest of attendees and leave a lasting, positive impression.  Some companies invest in custom-designed booths and display pieces while others look to a more modular exhibit.  For most businesses, there are advantages to modular units that make them the best choice.

1.  Flexibility And Freshness

The most obvious advantage to modular exhibits is also the most important one – flexibility.  Custom-designed displays are generally static; that is, they can’t be reconfigured in the “mix and match” way that modular exhibits can.  With a modular display, you can move sections around and adjust the lay-out of your exhibit based on the space available at each trade show.  A custom exhibit designed for thirty feet of space can’t be reconfigured for a smaller area, which can leave you in a bind if you don’t have an alternative.

The flexibility of modular exhibits gives companies the opportunity to create and add new graphics or display areas without having to invest in an entirely new exhibit each year.  Modular trade show displays can be reconfigured so that your display area looks fresh at each show, which can increase traffic and interest.

2.  Easy Upgrades

With a custom exhibit, you’re generally locked in.  It can be difficult to change any of the elements of a custom designed display, which is unfortunate if a new product is launched or your company’s information changes just before an important trade show. Modular trade show exhibits make it easy to replace one section or multiple sections of your display whenever needed.  You’ll always have the latest information and current visual appeal with a modular display.

3.  Lower Company Costs

Modular displays are less expensive than custom orders, saving on drayage, I&D and storage.  The result can mean more money for anything from advertising to promotional gifts.  Companies that spend a significant portion of their budget on custom displays often find it a difficult challenge if they need to change the information on their exhibit but there’s no money left in the budget.  By contrast, switching out just one element of your modular display is a cost-effective way to update your image.

4.  Ease Of Use

Modular displays are designed to be easy to assemble and easy to break down.  Unwieldy custom displays are often cumbersome and difficult to assemble.  With a modular system, your trade show representatives can quickly get your booth up and running and just as quickly take it apart when the show is over.

You can easily order new graphics or an additional banner stand that will fit seamlessly with your current modular exhibit, giving you the opportunity to update your trade show booth without spending a fortune on designing custom elements.

5.  Shipping

Modular exhibits are easy to break down and prepare for shipping.  It’s easy to box them up and have them shipped to the next show or back to the home office.  Because they are so compact, the shipping costs are nominal compared to the cost of transporting a custom display, which generally won’t break down into smaller units.

With today’s modular units, your company can have the look and feel of a custom display without the hassles and high cost.  When the next trade show rolls around, you’ll appreciate the easy assembly and flexibility of your modular trade show exhibit.


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