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FREE White Paper: The Evolving Role of Exhibit Marketers

April 22, 2013

White Paper Reveals New Challenges and Responsibilities

Learn how your job compares to your peers in The Evolving Role Of Exhibit Marketers, a 36-page White Paper from Skyline Exhibits and Tradeshow Week Magazine.

Exhibit marketers share their mindset about:

  • Their challenges and opportunities
  • Their new responsibilities, for and beyond trade shows
  • What they need help with, and what they do themselves
  • What skills they depend on most
  • What they like most and least about their jobs
  • What are their pay, travel load, and work week are like
  • Their management's sentiment on trade shows
  • And much, much more!

Fill out the form and get this free, yet valuable tool to benchmark your job to your peers today!



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