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10 Trade Show Exhibiting Dos And Don'ts

March 13, 2014

By Matt Bohar

Top 10 lists exist for everything from “What to Do On Vacation in Ireland” to “10 Things Not to Wear To a Halloween Party.”  Avoid mistakes by reviewing this list of do’s and don’ts while exhibiting.


1.  Set clear objectives for your trade show exhibiting opportunity.  How do you define “success”?

2. Determine how you’re going to measure the ROI for your trade show event.  How will you keep score?

3. Start the show marketing early with good pre-show promotion.  Give the attendees a reason to make your trade show exhibit a destination at the show.

4. Train your booth staff.  Equip them with the tools and techniques to perform well on the trade show floor.

5. Follow up with your prospects in a timely manner and implement a trade show lead management plan.  The first one to follow up often wins the sale!


6. Just sign up for the trade show or marketing event out of habit.  Make the show organizer sell you on why you should go again this year.

7. Design your trade show display just to make you proud.  The goal is to design so the marketing message speaks to the attendees.

8. Collect business cards in a fish bowl: If you’re going to do that don’t bother going to the show.  You can get the same info off the internet.

9. Sit behind your draped table for 3 days and say it was a lousy show.  Be aggressive to meet and greet everyone at the show (and find the best prospects).

10. Leave your leads in a shopping bag for three months.  Have a plan to follow through and get right to it after the trade show ends!

With these trade show tips in hand, begin preparing for success in the trade shows and marketing events you have on your calendar.


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