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12 Important Purposes of Cleveland Trade Show Exhibits

May 29, 2015

If you think trade show exhibits have a singular purpose, think again. Trade show exhibits have the ability to accomplish a variety of purposes at the same time. Here are 12 important tips from the trade show experts at Skyline Cleveland explaining the purposes of Cleveland trade show exhibits.
1. Shape Your Company’s Brand
One of the most basic purposes of exhibits is to build your brand. Imagine that trade show attendees have never heard of your company before. If they walk into a trade show and see your display, what kind of concept will they have of your brand as a result of it?
2. Produce Sales Leads
The second thing that Cleveland trade show exhibits do is produce sales leads. Thanks to your display, you should walk away from events with several promising leads that your team can follow up on after the event.
3. Transmit Information To Attendees
Cleveland trade show exhibits provide trade show visitors with important information. Your exhibits have the ability to communicate that information both quickly and efficiently through a variety of mediums, such as banners, TVs, pamphlets, and more.
4. Capture The Attention Of Visitors
When designing your trade show exhibit, it is important to keep in mind that one of its main purposes will be to capture the attention of trade show visitors and draw them to your booth.
5. Present Your Competitive Advantage
One thing you want to communicate with your trade show booth is why customers should choose your product or service over a competitor's. Answer the question: what unique advantage does my company offer?
6. Launch New Products
Your trade show exhibit is a great way for your company to launch new or improved products. You can use your Cleveland trade show exhibits to build buzz and get customers excited about these products.
7. Expand Your Reach In The Market
Cleveland trade show exhibits can also expand your brand's reach in the market by exposing new market segments to your products and services. This initiative requires you to define the market segments you are currently reaching, as well as those you would like to reach.
8. Showcase A Product
Not only do trade show displays offer a great place to talk about your products, but they are a great place to show off your products as well. Product demonstrations allow attendees to see and experience your product in person.
9. Attract New Employees
Trade show displays are essential for attracting new customers, but they are also important for attracting new employees. It's important to keep that fact in mind as you design your Cleveland trade show exhibits.
10. Answer Questions Visitors May Have
Cleveland trade show exhibits can answer visitors' questions in a few ways: with the content presented on your display, promotional materials available at your booth, and booth staffers available to answer individual questions.
11. Provide A Place To Store Materials
Trade show exhibits provide a physical place for your team to store their personal belongings, as well as any promotional materials you will need for the event. This comes in handy and allows you keep materials you may need on hand.
12. Allow Your Team To Present Your Brand Virtually Anywhere
Perhaps one of the most significant things about trade show booths is that they allow your company to take your brand and message virtually anywhere, opening up a entire new world of opportunity.
Do you need help designing a trade show exhibit that can do all of these things and more? Contact Skyline Cleveland today to start designing your exhibit, just simply call 216-642-6108 x105 or email at kjones@skylinees.com.

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