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Top Three Trending Booth Exhibits for 2019

January 18, 2019

Trending Booth Exhibits for 2019

The landscape of a tradeshow or convention is decorated with many different sights and sounds. While the industries may change, many things remain the same. Booths, trade show banners, brand ambassadors are all a part of the show regardless of what businesses you have, and connecting companies with people are the whole reason to be in attendance.

There are a number of ways that companies will draw foot traffic through their booths this year. Virtual reality immersion, increasingly compelling visuals, and increased social engagement are among the main trends we’ve noticed. To compete more and more companies must leverage similar features.

Lighting Arrangements

Unique lighting is one trend you obviously must recognize, as your products will not have their best face forward without it. Setting up your lights correctly will capture your potential clients visually, and draw them to your booth out of curiosity. Atypical lighting arrangements such as shapes and ground effects are not the usual overhead merchandising environments people are accustomed to. As more and more companies try to get a head above their competitors, we see constantly evolving lighting arrangements, and in 2019 you can expect bolder, more elaborate efforts to capture the naked eye.

Creativity in backlit displays, double-sided displays, and backdrops with moving lights stands out and above the traditional arrangements. Paying attention to your lighting efforts into 2019 is no longer a repetitious task, but one that must be carefully delivered in order to maintain relevance with your audience.

Selfie Walls

Selfie walls continue to be an integral part of many trade show booths as well. Just a simple backdrop, but branded and eye-catching for booth visitors to enjoy your brand, but then take a selfie on their way out. Providing relevant hashtags and a call to action to share, selfie walls are a nice closure to any interaction with a client.

The big gain from a selfie wall is the social component. From exiting the booth, a client with a picture at your selfie wall will most likely share to one of their social channels. Provide a call to action to tag your company somehow and you will have a much wider reach beyond the walls of the convention center. It’s fun, it’s productive, and leaves visitors with a memory and a story to tell forward.

Virtual Reality

When you are on the road at a show, obviously you have to leave things back at your home office. If you’re in the travel industry, you have to rely on pictures and other visuals to express the beauty of the world. With a virtual reality setup, you can immerse booth visitors in a whole new experience, whether standing on a street in another country or accessing larger displays and collateral you had to leave behind.

Utilizing existing systems such as Playstation VR, Google Cardboard, or HTC Vive your booth becomes a staging portal for a new environment, removed from the tradeshow carpeting and din of the larger crowd. By providing an experiential memory and connecting it with your brand, virtual reality becomes a unique tool to strongly consider through this year.

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