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4 Advantages Of Trade Show Exhibit Rental

July 07, 2017

4 Advantages Of Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Businesses that represent their brand at industry functions like trade shows and conventions must decide whether they are going to purchase or rent exhibiting solutions. Businesses can choose from a number of different exhibiting systems, such as island exhibits, inline booths, portable displays, and booth accessories. It is important for exhibitors to determine whether renting or buying is a better fit for their budget and needs. Below, we will share four advantages of trade show exhibit rental.

#1 - Trade show exhibit rental allows companies to modify their appearance frequently.

The first advantage to renting is the amazing opportunity it provides companies to be able to adapt their look as desired. With trade show exhibit rental, exhibitors are not locked in to using the same design time after time. Rather, businesses can choose to modify the look of their booth as frequently as desired. Maybe a company is taking a new marketing direction. Perhaps a business wants to advertise a brand new product. Maybe an exhibitor wants to enter new segments of the market and wants to modify their booth to effectively reach those segments. Trade show exhibit rental makes all of these options and more possible for exhibitors.

#2 - Renting enables exhibitors to add to their exhibits as desired.

Another benefit to trade show exhibit rental is that it not only enables exhibitors to adapt their look frequently, but it also enables exhibitors to expand their exhibits as desired. Most exhibiting systems are designed to be compatible, making it easy for companies to add on to their booth to make it larger when necessary. For example, say that a business usually uses an inline booth to present their brand at events. If there is an upcoming special event at which that business would like to have a more noticeable presence, they can rent additional pieces to expand their booth into a larger island exhibit. Companies love the versatility that comes with renting products.

#3 - Renting is more cost-effective for some exhibitors.

In many cases, it is more cost-effective for companies to rent exhibiting products. Specifically, companies that benefit the most, financially, from this option are those that are not exhibiting frequently and those that like to modify their look often. When companies aren't exhibiting often it does not make the purchase of exhibits a worthy investment. Rental products are thus more effective for keeping costs as low as possible.

#4 - Renting allows exhibitors to stay on the cutting edge.

Finally, trade show exhibit rental allows businesses to stay on the cutting edge in terms of exhibiting products. Companies that purchase products are more locked in, making it more difficult for them to upgrade to newer, more innovative products as they become available. For example, there are innovative products on the market that are totally air powered. These cutting edge systems look professional and communicate that a brand is innovative and high quality. Such displays are available for businesses that choose to rent, enabling them to represent their brand well by staying on the cutting edge.

Keep these advantages in mind when choosing between renting and purchasing exhibiting products.

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