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4 Reasons to install a Meeting Room at your Trade Show Booth

January 18, 2019

Meeting Rooms Increase Booth Presence in 2019

Tradeshow meeting rooms are becoming part of trade show booths more frequently in recent months, and there are a number of reasons to consider including this in your show budget. There are a variety of styles available, and add a number of different facets to your meetings. When developed with Skyline, we add our own professional touch that elevates your brand and company to a new level.


An integrated meeting room into your trade show booth means an added level of convenience for yourself and your potential new customer. There is no need to find an area with quieter surroundings or lose time in the meeting by moving to another location. Simply move to another corner of your booth with a closed door, just feet away from your booth entrance.

Additional conveniences are having all your supplies and presentation materials at the ready. If you need a video set up, your meeting room can be arranged with it. Paper collateral, product samples, everything is waiting right there at your booth. With your own meeting room, it makes presentations a lot easier and makes sure you put your best presentations forward.


A closed door or a drawn curtain to your meeting room is not just easier but ensures a higher level of privacy and secrecy. You won’t risk competitors seeing your contacts as easily, and it prevents unwanted ears from hearing sensitive information. With corporate espionage always a concern, your company can also protect its own interests securely and under lock and key.

Over the course of a long day at a show, a private meeting room also acts as space for employees to relax, recharge, debrief, and get ready to do it all again. Having a few minutes away from the low rumble of a trade show crowd can mean a lot to your staff and their well-being


We offer a number of different configurations and aesthetics for meeting rooms. If you require a video screen, extra storage, or a full conference table, these are among the different choices available. We can raise your meeting room above the show floor as well, but allow you to remain in the exhibit hall. Our team will take your input and work with you on the needs of your company at the show and what arrangement works best for you.


It adds an additional level of professionalism to have a meeting room as well. The hustle and bustle of the show floor are pushed aside for meetings to remain focused on business, terms, and what is best for all parties involved. Our modular conference rooms provide a separation of the exhibition that is intended for only the most important of clients.

By maintaining an additional level of access, you can truly differentiate from who your valued clients are and protect the integrity of your meetings and discussions. Skyline Trisource has many of these options available, contact us today at 800-229-8600 to plan your next exhibition.

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