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4 Trade Show Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

December 15, 2021

4 Trade Show Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

The events of the past two years have certainly shaped the event planning industry and shaken up our normal routine of how things are done. Even now, there continue to be major (and potentially permanent) shifts in the industry brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Regardless of the changes made to the industry, Skyline Trisource is still committed to being your source for creative exhibiting, interior environments, & digital marketing solutions. Our team looks to supply you with the resources and information needed to make an impact at trade show events. Below, we explore a few ways in which you can better prepare yourself for what the future holds for the event industry in 2022.

1). Hybrid Events Will Continue to Grow

While many in-person events are back, hybrid events provide event planners with an event option that will stick around. A recent survey shows two-thirds of event organizers will be planning a hybrid event and 64% will continue to use virtual aspects at their live events to maintain these benefits.

This is largely due to the fact that industry experts believe that corporate events will shift from a source of revenue to a marketing vehicle. Having more visitors being able to access your event virtually puts your company in the perfect spot to take advantage of this mass form of communication and utilize your event as a way to build your PR efforts. Giving attendees the option to attend in person or online means a lot more people can get involved. With venue capacity plus an almost limitless online capacity, events can have a greater reach than ever before.

2). Increased Health and Safety Measures

As predicted, following local and federal health and safety protocols was one of the most challenging aspects of event planning in 2021. This looks to continue into 2022 as following local health guidelines remains an obstacle that event organizers must grapple with. Organizers have and will continue to show up for these challenges whether that means checking the vaccination status of attendees or ensuring that guests have negative COVID tests before entering venues. In fact, many organizers are taking advantage of on-site rapid testing along with other measures to remain compliant with guidelines.

3). Smaller Events and Year-Round Event Cycles

When the pandemic started, one of the very first things to be impacted was the elimination of large gatherings. Since the restrictions on large gatherings halted the event industry, organizers got creative with how to plan events while being cognizant of the health and safety of attendees. This included small group events becoming a more intriguing option as opposed to large-scale events. Because corporations no longer are looking to plan one huge event per year and can instead, break up these gatherings into smaller events, corporations can now increase the frequency of their events.

4). Increased Data Collection During and After Events

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in the trade show industry is the sophisticated event data collection. Events that were forced to move online in the last two years have allowed event organizers to obtain more data regarding their interactions with attendees than they ever have before. Organizers now have the data to show who is interacting with their brand and how their content is being consumed. This information is vital to stakeholders and will become an important metric to analyze for show organizers for years to come.

For more trade show exhibit resources or to find out how Skyline Trisource can be your event planning resource, please give our team a call now at 419-861-6200. You can also get in contact with our team via email at kjones@skylinetrisource.com.

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