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Arrange Sufficient Staffing For Your Trade Show Exhibit

June 15, 2017

Arrange Sufficient Staffing For Your Trade Show Exhibit

Once you book a space at a trade show exhibit, set the pre-show marketing in motion, and send the display off to a distant location, the success of the event is somewhat out of your hands. It is dependent upon your staff to pull it off and make the best presentation for your company. Whether you personally work the exhibitions now or just remember that task from the past, you recall that the days on the floor are long. To put your staff in the right frame of mind to do the best possible job, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Book Enough Staff To Properly Man Your Trade Show Exhibit

Some of your staffers love to work industry events because it gets them out of the office and into a lively environment where they are talking to new people. For others, trade shows are like the cod liver oil of their job. In either case, the exhibit hall may be open for 8 to 10 hours a day, which is a long time for people to be on stage before potential customers. When you plan a staff schedule, make sure to not overburden any one person. Not only does their performance slip after hours and hours of being on duty, but you want them to see some of the other displays so they can bring back ideas about how to make your trade show exhibit stand out.

Sending extra people to man the booth is a costly endeavor that involves travel, meals, and time away from their normal duties. Given that expos are expensive propositions, having an extra person or two on hand may be worth the financial outlay if event hours are long and traffic is brisk.

Don't Depend On Tired, Hungry Workers To Do Their Best

When people are on duty in the trade show exhibit, you want them to be friendly, outgoing, and persistent while working with visitors. If your booth offer demonstrations, presentations, or educational sessions, you want them to offer just as much of a quality experience to the attendee who drops by at 9 a.m. as the one who comes at 6 p.m. To ensure they are able to do as you expect, plan for them to have regular breaks to eat, unwind, and take care of their phone calls and emails from the office.

What is the alternative? If they are hungry, tired, and stressed, they may attempt to revive themselves by sending a coworker to the snack bar or the pop machine. They then eat or drink in the booth between guests. While this may help them get through the day, the appearance this offers can come off as unprofessional, which is why "no eating or drinking in the booth" is often on the list of bad trade show etiquette. Even if individuals are careful only to sneak in a sip or bite when there is a lull in traffic, one false move can result in spills or greasy fingerprints on items in the booth.

When planning your staffing needs for the duration of the event, make sure to schedule enough people. If attendee traffic proves to be slow one day and everyone scheduled for a time slot is not needed, explain how you expect them to use their time. You might assign someone to walk the show and snap discreet pictures of competitor booths or do some social media marketing to pass the time.

The success of your trade show exhibit falls partly on the shoulders of your staffers, so treat them well by anticipating their needs and you will most likely see better performance.

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