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Best Value For Exhibitors in Detroit: Trade Show Stands

March 17, 2016

For Exhibitors In Detroit, Trade Show Stands Offer Big Impact And Value

Using Skyline's Shapes trade show stands, Detroit exhibitors get huge visual impact from an affordable, portable display system. Setup is so easy that a single person can set up an entire 10-foot backwall in ten minutes or less, complete with spotlights. The Shapes line features two-layered graphics for a polished, modern look and attention-grabbing dimension.
  • Convenient Transport – A set of three Shapes trade show stands, which can be arranged into a full 10-foot backwall, fits into a wheeled, oval-shaped case, which you can use for a table in your booth after unpacking the banner stands. The retractable banners are protected inside the stands themselves, so your display will look perfect every time.
  • Ridiculously Easy Set-Up – Honestly. Pull the stands out of the case. Pull the shock-corded pole out of each base. Turn the foot so the base will stand up, then put the pole in its socket on the base and put the spotlight on top. Pull each retractable banner up and hook it onto the light arm. Plug the lights in. Put the lid back on the case. Done. No tools, no hassles.
  • Change Graphics On The Fly – Your graphical banners are contained in a cartridge that is easy to swap out any time you like. Each layer features quality custom graphics, and the front layer is profiled in your choice of shapes, which gives you endless options. Place your core message on the front panel and seasonal graphics behind, design a background banner using your logo and use the front banner to showcase new products as you introduce them, keep the center banner as a core message and update the side banners as needed, or swap banners for each show. Whatever best suits your marketing plan, Shapes can do for you.
  • Flexible Arrangements – One huge advantage to using trade show stands is the flexibility you have to adapt to whatever space you have at a given show: angle the side banners in for a tighter space, or space them out for a longer backwall. If you're doing a bigger set-up, you can make a louver-style arrangement along the side of the booth with your Shapes stands, and use a solid-panel backwall. With trade show stands, Detroit exhibitors have all the options they need to make the best impression in every situation.
  • Go Boldly Outside The Lines – Trade show stands like Skyline Shapes really shine when you place them outside your booth. Attract visitors to your booth by placing your eye-catching dimensional banners in the lobby of the convention center, in places where people will be waiting in lines, like hallways outside panel rooms or restrooms, or on the way to the food hall. Repeated exposure keeps your message fresh in people's minds, so when they spot your booth, they're more likely to come over and talk to your team.
Ease And Portability Without Sacrifice
You shouldn't have to sacrifice putting out a polished, professional image in order to have the convenience that a portable display system offers. For companies in Detroit, trade show stands like Skyline Displays' Shapes offer the advantages of simplicity and flexibility along with the benefits of a truly customized, highly effective visual presence. Skyline Displays of Cleveland can help your company design the perfect trade show display for your image and marketing goals. Contact us online or call us at 800-229-8600 to learn how Skyline Cleveland can help you boost traffic at your trade show booths and make your marketing efforts even more effective. 

Detroit trade show stands
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