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Creating Trade Show Displays That Broadcast Your Brand

February 20, 2017

Creating Trade Show Displays That Broadcast Your Brand

It's easy to get caught up in designing a trade show display that casts a spotlight on your products to drive sales. That's a major reason behind most exhibits, and it's obviously an important function. Another equally important function is brand marketing: increasing your brand recognition, getting consumers familiar with your brand message and story, and expanding its reach. Often, though, exhibitors let the brand marketing take a back seat to what they perceive as the more immediate demands of driving sales. With planning and good design, your trade show displays can accomplish both at the same time, and you'll get better returns on your investment.
  • Fly Your Flag High - Brand marketing in a trade show display begins at the top. If you're including hanging structures in your exhibit, their shapes and colors should reflect your visual branding, and, like a flag, nothing should fly higher than your logo and company name. If you're incorporating the massive display space of towers, place your logo at the top, then use the rest of the enormous space to broadcast your brand's unique message or story.
  • Brand Message & Story - Depending on your products and marketing objectives, the next highest elements in your display - this might be on the sides of your towers, or on a marquee at the top of your booth - should tell the visitor something about your brand as a whole. If you'll be representing multiple products or lines at trade shows, this creates a unifying idea for the viewer. Your next highest elements can begin to introduce individual products or lines, and they'll be placed high enough to grab attention from some distance. 
  • Keep The Message Clear - Once your design considerations reach eye level, for example, your backwall, banners, vertical banners, and merchandise displays, you've come to a critical area: eye level is buy level. It's tempting to add too many competing elements at eye level, which can actually work against each other by overwhelming visitors. Your visual display should lead the viewer's eye through a presentation that makes sense and allows them enough space to absorb your messages. If those prospects feel overwhelmed, they're less likely to approach your exhibit and interact with your team. If your exhibit catches their eye and piques their interest, they'll willingly walk over and into your sales funnel.

Brand Your Trade Show Displays For Success

Skyline Trisource Exhibits helps Detroit exhibitors create trade show displays that achieve both marketing and sales objectives with creative and target-specific design. From graphics to photography and floor plan and lighting design, Skyline Trisource Exhibits has all the resources your company needs to smash your trade show marketing and sales goals.

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