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Factors To Consider When Designing Toledo Trade Show Booths

October 16, 2014

Companies must take so many different factors into consideration when designing trade show products, such as island exhibits, modular inline booths, and portable display systems. The most important thing is for marketers to understand who their target audience is. This is why demography is such a useful tool for marketers everywhere. It allows them to understand their target audience by studying the demographics of that market segment. Below, we will discuss some demographic factors to take into consideration when designing your Toledo trade show booths.
What is the age range of your target audience? Narrowing your target market down to a specific age range will provide you with insight into how to best appeal to them with marketing and promotional products. For example, if you are designing Toledo trade show booths to try to appeal to adults between the ages of 55 - 75 years, the style, design, and overall content you choose will probably look a lot differently than if you were trying to appeal to 20-somethings.
Family Structure
In order to understand your target audience, it is essential to understand the most common family structure within your segment. Do they have kids? If so, how many? Are they typically single or married? All of these factors shape the purchasing priorities of consumers. For example, you could look at two different women that are both 30 years old. One of these women is a mom of three kids and the other is single with no children. Though their age and gender are the same, because of their family structure, they probably have different needs and wants in terms of products and services. Toledo trade show booths allow exhibitors the opportunity to cater to the specific priorities of their market segment.
In order to price your products and services accurately, you must study the average income of your target audience. Understanding their income and spending habits will allow you to market in such a way that captures their attention. Perhaps you offer a product or service that is considered luxurious. In that case, it is essential for you to make every advertising dollar work towards capturing the attention of individuals at a certain income level that could actually afford your product. Income information is important to consider when designing Toledo trade show booths.
Geographic Location
Where your target market lives plays such a huge role in determining how to design trade show products to best appeal to them. Do they generally live in urban or rural areas? What is the weather usually like? When designing Toledo trade show booths, this type of geographic information can be useful to help you appeal to your target market. For example, people from the city may be drawn to different types of displays than people from the country.
America is such a diverse place, rich with so many different cultures and ethnicities. Studying the ethnicity and culture of your target market will provide you with valuable insight in terms of marketing. Culture plays a big factor in shaping the values and thought processes of consumers everywhere. Understanding cultural factors will guide you as you design Toledo trade show booths to attract the attention of your target market.
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