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Flexibility & Savings | Trade Show Exhibit Rental Toledo

March 22, 2017

Total Flexibility & Big Savings With Trade Show Exhibit Rentals In Toledo

For many trade show exhibitors, purchasing a full-scale display is simply out of the question, from a budget perspective. For larger companies, purchase may be in reach, but it's not always the best financial decision. When your purchase your display, you're locked into using that design and those components for a significant amount of time to recoup your initial investment, and the costs of transportation, storage, maintenance and updates all add to the true cost of ownership. In many, if not most, cases, trade show exhibit rental offers significant advantages.

  • Total Flexibility - Flexible design and configuration options are one of the biggest draws for trade show marketers to use rental exhibit. Because you're not committed to any specific components, you can change the look of your exhibit as often as you like, whether you're adjusting for varying booth sizes at different shows, or updating for different marketing campaigns throughout the year. You'll still get the unified and carefully branded look you want with custom graphics, so your exhibit will be a unique representation of your brand and products.
  • Big Savings - When you use customized rental exhibits, you purchase the custom graphics for the exhibit components you need to use, but the components themselves come to you on a rental basis. Forget about that large initial investment, storage, and maintenance costs. Renting from Skyline can also reduce your freight costs because we have more than 130 locations, worldwide, so we can typically ship the components you need from a location near your trade show venue. Re-use your custom graphics whenever your exhibit includes the component they fit; they're made of top-quality materials for dependable service. 
  • Test New Strategies - If you've wanted to field-test some new marketing strategies like a multimedia or interactive display, using rental exhibit to try and fine-tune those strategies make good sense. Try something new without a major commitment to an unknown. Try out different traffic patterns and floor plans in your exhibit and see what configuration best supports your specific marketing plans and the efforts of your booth team. Test various lightscapes, see whether wall-mounted monitors or a projection wall work best for you, or find out whether your prospects respond better to a physical product demo or a virtual on a tablet. Using A/B testing, you can make a careful analysis of what works, keep the elements of a design that are working for you, and replace the ones that are underperforming until you find the most effective set-up for your brand and products.

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Exhibitors count on Skyline Trisource Exhibits for a massive selection of display components available for rental, including exhibit services and top-quality trade show exhibit rentals in the Toledo area. Whatever you need and want your exhibit to accomplish; our designers will help you make it happen, on time and on budget.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Toledo
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