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Four Proven Ways To Boost ROI With Your Toledo Trade Show Exhibit

July 16, 2015

Here at Skyline Cleveland, we have seen firsthand the staying power offered by working the live marketing arena. Other promotional tactics come and go, some faster than others.  Using a Toledo trade show exhibit to further brand recognition has proven a solid, unwavering advertising opportunity that yields significant return on overall investment. This traditional advertising resource has even withstood what many once thought would be the end of live marketing altogether: the onset of e-commerce. However, buyers everywhere have proven that, when it comes to spending money, they want to see and connect with the organizations that they are entrusting with their business.
Strategize The Best Ways To Use Your Toledo Trade Show Exhibit
If you are ready to tap into everything offered when working a Toledo trade show exhibit, it is important to carefully and strategically put together a plan of execution for optimal results. If you are not sure where to get started, we can help. Here at Skyline Cleveland, we often partner with business owners in every industry to create their comprehensive live marketing plan. Some key components to these campaigns include:
Scouting Out The Function In Advance
This tip can prove particularly useful for newer exhibitors who are not quite sure which events will yield the biggest bang for their buck. Put together a list of potential functions with your team and create a plan for having at least one person from your organization attend each event. You will have the opportunity to perform a little event recon to determine which venues make the most sense for your business to attend.
Updating Your Toledo Trade Show Exhibit
Once you know the functions that you will attend, it is important to make sure your Toledo trade show exhibit is up to the task of visual engagement and stimulation. Here at Skyline Cleveland, we work with our partners to determine if all of the marketing material is updated and current. From there, we can help devise a strategy for making your Toledo trade show exhibit as welcoming and inviting as possible. We ensure that the floor space is never too crowded; instead, we can strategically arrange booth items to provide enough room for everyone who decides to stop in.
Creating Your Perfect Pitch
Your Toledo trade show exhibit will attract the crowds, it is up to your team to keep them! While you never want to seem like you are overly rehearsed or reading from a script, you should still create a pitch/demo plan before you show up at the function. One key component in many successful live marketing pitches is a product demonstration. Performing a live demo can offer an organic way for you to engage with the crowd, as well as get your products in the hands of the consuming public.
Manage Your Budget
Finally, in order to maximize return on investment, you must naturally always keep a careful eye on the actual overall investment itself. Not only should you keep a steady focus on where you are spending money, you should also know when to skimp and when to splurge. Do not spend your money on purchasing plane tickets to fly every member of your staff to the function just to ensure booth coverage. Instead, carefully plan a schedule that offers coverage from a select few. Conversely, do not try to save a few dollars on a floor spot that is hard to see and harder to walk to. Spend a little extra for prime placement in the venue; the sales and leads generated will certainly return the investment.
Want to hear more about maximizing ROI at your Toledo trade show exhibit? Skyline Cleveland would love to hear from you. Contact us today for more information!

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