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Get The Right Prospects To Your Detroit Trade Show Exhibit

May 18, 2016

How To Get The Right Prospects To Your Detroit Trade Show Exhibit

There is so very much advice for marketers about how to get more traffic to their trade show booths. While it's true that marketing is a numbers game, it's also true, and much more important, that the reason you are marketing at trade shows is to give your sales team a face-to-face opportunity to convert prospects to customers. It's important to keep that goal at the top of the list, and frankly, it's easy to lose sight of when you get focused on that barrage of advice for bringing in traffic. Here's the thing: You don't want to just bring in traffic. You want to design a marketing campaign and an exhibit that encourages genuine prospects to self-select and seek you out. You can waste a lot of time and money by taking a scatter-shot approach and courting the wrong people at a show.

Understand The Mechanics

How to attract the right people to your booth at a trade show depends on what you're selling. If your product or service is something that any business or any household could use, you've got a much bigger pool of prospects. Your overall marketing efforts and well-planned advance campaign will provide your sales team with the volume of traffic they need to make steady sales throughout the show. Ultimately, this situation comes down to the sales and closing skills of your sales team. As long as your marketing efforts are not actively attracting people who are only there to collect freebies, and are not going to be buying, regardless of your sales prowess, you're on track for success.

If, on the other hand, your product or service is for a narrower market, your sales team is going to be depending on your marketing efforts to pre-sort the wheat from the chaff, so they don't spent the entire show courting non-buyers. You might be surprised how easy it can be to get attendees to self-select as real prospects.

Different Strokes

Attracting different prospects requires different approaches: broad or narrow. Even in the case of a product that has broad appeal, your trade show marketing plans can include some tactics that help to head off people who are never going to be buyers. Here are some ways you can help your sales team spend the most time interacting with people who more likely to be receptive:

•    Smart Booth Design - When you're selling something that has broad appeal, your team has better odds that each person who comes by your booth is a real prospect. One thing you can do to help sort those people out for your sales team is to use your booth design to create a space that invites people to stay a bit longer. With custom graphic banner stands, you can create an area for a massage chair in your booth. Skyline's table cases are the perfect platform for a charging station. While people get charged or relaxed, your team gets extra time to talk to them, and since they've chosen to stay in your space for that time, they'll probably be more receptive than someone just walking down the aisle.

•    We Cordially Invite You - If your prospects are in a narrower group, you'll need to start courting them well in advance of the show. Use social media for general announcements and teasers, but craft an email that feels like a genuine invitation and send it to your prospects. People who are serious about buying at a trade show will make a short-list before they even set foot on the floor. Give them some solid reasons to include your company on that list: Special events and talks, product previews and demos, and enticing bundles and pricing for purchases during the show.

•    Choose The Right Lure - Give-aways can be a powerful draw and a very effective way to attract prospects, but only if you plan them carefully. If you give away a prize that anyone at the show, whether they are potential buyers for your product or not, you're paying money for a bunch of contacts you'll never derive any benefit from. Choose a prize that will specifically appeal to your prospective buyers, and appeal less to people outside that target group.

Attract Buyers, Not Just Traffic, To Your Detroit Trade Show Exhibit

Your company's trade show marketing efforts should be designed to give your team every advantage, so they can bring back receipts, not a box of lukewarm contacts. For more ideas and advice on bringing buyers to your Detroit Trade Show Exhibit, contact Skyline Event Services online or by phone at 216-642-6180, ext. 105. We'll help you choose the right display pieces to achieve your goals, design custom graphics, provide marketing strategy consulting and training, and anything else you need to make your trade show marketing efforts a resounding success.


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