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Getting Sales Leads From Your Trade Show Exhibit Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

July 07, 2017

Getting Sales Leads From Your Trade Show Exhibit Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Events provide exhibitors with a valuable opportunity to present their brand and the products and services that they offer. Companies spend money on purchasing or renting displays and booths hoping to maximize ROI on events. The primary objective of exhibiting is to promote the brand and gain sales leads. Below, we will share three easy steps to gaining leads from a trade show exhibit.

#1 - Draw attendees to your trade show exhibit.

The first step to gaining leads is to simply capture the attention of attendees. According to studies, the window of time to capture the attention of attendees is only about three seconds. Needless to say, much strategy and consideration should be put into the design of the trade show exhibit. Use engaging images and graphics to make visitors want to discover more about the brand.

Though engaging graphics are so important, there are also other methods to draw people to a trade show exhibit. For example, hosting high-energy games and fun activities are great ways to engage the crowd and get people to spend more time at the booth. The more time visitors spend at the display, the more time your team has to interact with potential customers.

A third way to motivate people to spend time at a booth is to give away promotional products, or "swag." Try to think of out of the box giveaways that will not only stand out from the norm, but that will also add value to the visitor experience. What free item would the target market most appreciate? These are just a few of the methods that can be used to draw crowds to exhibits.

#2 - If possible, give the audience a chance to try the product for themselves.

After you have gained the attention of the crowd, the next step is to give them the opportunity to experience the product or service. This might just entail giving them all of the information they need about the services your company offers, as well as answering any questions they may have.

However, if possible, it is always advantageous to let them try out the product for themselves. Give away free samples. Create a way for them to try out the product firsthand. It is one thing for someone to hear or read about the product. It is an entirely different thing for them to try it out firsthand. There is a more than likely chance that handing out samples and allowing people to experience products will lead to more potential customers.

#3 - Have an efficient system in place to collect attendee contact information and enter it into your company's CRM.

This step could determine whether someone ultimately ends up purchasing from you or from a competitor. It is essential that you are able to efficiently collect the contact information of the people that you interact with at the trade show exhibit. The faster that information gets to the sales team, the better the chances are that the lead will turn into a sale. Instead of waiting until the end of the event to receive the list of attendee names, take advantage of apps that enable exhibitors to use a smart phone or tablet to scan barcodes on attendee badges and automatically enter the individual's information into the company's CRM. This makes the process of getting the information to the sales team much quicker, therefore resulting in greater ROI.

Remember these three steps the next time you are exhibiting at an event.

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