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Getting Value From Giveaway Items At Trade Shows

December 16, 2016

Are You Getting Full Value From Giveaway Items At Trade Shows?

Giveaway items at trade shows are a hotly debated strategy in marketing circles. Objectively, as part of a carefully planned campaign targeted to achieve specific results, giveaways can bring a significant return on investment. As a matter of practice, though, many exhibitors aren't planning effective campaigns around those giveaways, and what they end up with is nothing more than a higher cost-per-lead or cost-per-unit-sold. Take the time needed to research and plan a giveaway that helps achieve your objectives, and you're likely to find greater returns on that investment than you expected.
  • What Are You Trying To Accomplish? - Planning a giveaway campaign has to start with very specific, quantifiable goals, and those goals need to be based on the most reliable data you have access to. For example, if you exhibited at the Acme Fictitious Trade Show last year, you know that you collected 1,500 leads and 200 of those leads eventually purchased portable holes from you. You have firm figures for your cost-per-lead and cost-per-unit-sold, and at least a good estimate of how many people visited your exhibit. Those are benchmarks you can use to set goals and judge the effectiveness of your giveaway. Maybe you want more sales closed at this year's show. Maybe you want a lower cost-per-lead.
  • Cost & Quality Of Leads - Understanding your most likely and potential buyers is another critical factor in planning a giveaway with a strong ROI. Let's say you sell tractors, and you're exhibiting at a home & garden show. You're going to have fewer and more specific prospects than the guys in the next booth selling microfiber dog towels. Towels are a lot cheaper, more people have dogs than large properties that need a tractor, and no one is going to feel the need to consult their significant other before buying a dog towel. The dog towel guys want to attract any and all traffic to their booth. You only want to attract people who need and can potentially afford a tractor. Your giveaway item should reflect the buyers you need to attract and, at least to some degree, the price point of the product you're selling. The dog towel company might consider giving away a tablet. You might want to consider attracting potential tractor buyers with a year's supply of soil amendments, because it appeals to your most likely buyers and discourages people who have no use for a tractor. If you want to limit your giveaway only to buyers, you might consider giving buyers entry to win a snowplow attachment for their new tractor.
  • Collect Better Lead Data - Using Skyline's inTouch system, which works with an attached scanner to capture the badge data for your visitors, including their contact information and what other content they used their badge to interact with at the show. You get more and better information on each entry without risking losing contacts due to illegible writing, or incomplete entry forms because the prospect got tired of answering questions and putting in personal data.

Get Your Money's Worth From Giveaway Items At Trade Show Events

The team at Skyline Exhibits can help you plan effective giveaways with our marketing consulting services, and design a booth that's optimized to help you achieve your sales goals and marketing objectives.

Giveaway Items At Trade Show Events
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