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Going Green

June 27, 2018

Going Green

As technology becomes more advanced, it becomes more efficient. These efficiencies allow us to look at data, create better machines, make improvements on our vehicles, and it provides so many more benefits. It also helps us get better insights into the impact we have on our environment. Going Green isn’t just a trend, but it is a necessary change in a direction that can improve the quality of our environment, which in turn improves life for us. It is also a step towards longevity. Increasing the lifespan of the products we use. Creating those products from previously used materials. All of these things can improve your workplace to an incredible degree and the same positives apply to our local Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.

In an effort to contribute to the environment and to encourage the community to participate in Green initiatives, the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland is working to improve how it operates by going green. Realizing the vast and amazing benefits, the team decided it was time to become more eco-friendly. Even us as individuals can contribute and get involved. Whether we make an effort by recycling or utilizing solar energy, it all leads to a cleaner environment.

Reasons to Go Green!

Not only are we excited to see our convention center taking on the Green initiative, but we are looking forward to vendors participating as well. There are many benefits to transforming your business, trade show booths, and other facilities and products into Green ones. These benefits definitely present a variety of positives and these benefits extend to all parties and individuals involved.

No matter your reason for going Green, you are still providing a great service to the environment. Of course, we all know that business is business. Even so, if you go Green simply to enhance your brand image you’re still helping. Trade shows are all about improving and growing brand image and reputation and with a Green approach, you are showing event attendees that you care, which can help the success of your brand and business.

Going Green is a great way to attract new customers. Whether it’s for the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland while setting an example or for your business, being eco-friendly will bring in people that are enticed by the idea of sustainable facilities and products. Studies also demonstrate that businesses who show appreciation for the environment by going Green attract customers with strong loyalty.

The model of sustainability or Green is great when it comes to reducing waste. This extends to utilities such as electricity. When you reduce energy waste, you save on a plethora of costs. This can also assist in improving your business’s efficiency and you can allocate the money saved through energy to other aspects or departments of your business.

Perhaps the most important incentive that comes with a Green or sustainable model is the promotion of a healthier workplace. When everyone works together in your company and when other businesses get involved with your initiative, you can expect to start a dialogue that promotes environmental and social changes about the good these initiatives accomplish. When you get those around you onboard with your dedication to change how you run your business, you can expect to see others take interest and get involved. When these changes start to radiate from one point and from that point Green initiatives keep springing up, you can truly see and appreciate the changes to your neighborhood, community, city, and state.

Learn More About Going Green

There are a variety of resources about what you can do to make your home more sustainable. If you would like to see what Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland is doing to go Green, visit their website at http://www.clevelandconventions.com. For more information on trade show exhibits and what can be done to make your booth more eco-friendly, contact Skyline Trisource Exhibits in Cleveland at 216-642-6180.

Going Green
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