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Detroit Trade Show Exhibit

October 31, 2018

Key Booth Accessories to consider at Trade Show Exhibits

A booth at a trade show is a giant foot forward for any company at a trade show exhibit in Detroit. Your trade show exhibit is an extension of your brand, so you have to represent yourselves well. Skyline Trisource has the materials and knowledgeable staff to guide you to excellent representation, As an exhibitor, you want to make a strong impression on your visitors, a measure you took to show you really care about their attendance and business. The small touches at any trade show exhibit go a long way to make an impression on visitors, do not overlook them.

To learn more about our accessories and consult with a member of our team, call us today at 216-642-6180. You can also reach us via email at kjones@skylinetrisource.com and one of our knowledgeable associates will return your inquiry as soon as possible.

Trade Show Exhibit Accessories to Impress and Capture the Crowd

Our Skyline Trisource team can advise you on what will complement your booth setup. It’s not enough to get a brilliant looking display, you have to provide an environment that keeps people at your booth for enough time to learn your message. Whether it’s additional seating to keep visitors comfortable or even an extra pamphlet holder to provide information, consider going the extra step to really make an impression.

If you are using an iPad to collect email information, a secure lightweight stand would make it easier on your staff and visitors entering information. If you’re running an app or a game as part of your in-booth promotions, these stands make entry a lot easier and work as focal points for potential visitors. No one has to carry it around and risk dropping it, as it’s secured in one place.

Additional displays and table systems, or monitors add a very modern feel to a trade show exhibit, and if your message is already bolstered by our inline or island exhibits, an immersive video will really make your brand stand out. In today’s technical age, we also offer charging stands for trade show exhibit booths, which can bring visitors in and give them extra incentive to stay and learn more about your message.

Why consider Trade Show Exhibit Booth Accessories When crafting your strategy for a trade show exhibit, use the services that Skyline Trisource offers. We carry experience from all types shows across Detroit, Cleveland, and Toledo, and apply that to brands we work with. It is our goal to maximize the time spent at a trade show exhibit, so companies can touch audiences they might not meet otherwise. It’s an additional investment with every booth accessory you add on, but visitors remember the details. In a compressed arena of companies seeking customers, the details are where your customers are gained or lost. Those details amount to what will raise you above your competition, and Skyline Trisource provides the means to do so. Call us at 216-642-6180 to plan ahead for your next trade show stand.

Trade Show Exhibit
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