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Have A Plan: What To Giveaway At Your Trade Show Displays In Detroit

June 22, 2015

Here at Skyline Cleveland, we know that there is a major divide in how business owners feel about using giveaways at their trade show displays in Detroit. Some entrepreneurs get excited about pinpointing the perfect handout to tout at their next live marketing event. Others feel slightly less enthusiastic about using freebies in their trade show displays in Detroit. For them, determining the right item to give out to a crowd proves stressful and inconvenient.
Do you feel less than excited when choosing freebies for your trade show displays in Detroit? It is possible to make the entire process a lot more streamlined and effective. Knowing a few simple tips on how to pick the right handouts for your trade show displays in Detroit can minimize stress and inconvenience and help you feel confident in your final selection.
Three Ways To Know You Are Picking A Handout Winner
What is the first thing to think about when choosing your giveaway? Cost. All too often, business owners assume that they must spend a lot on their handouts in order to achieve maximize return on investment. Not true. Expensive freebies may or may not make a long-lasting impact on your recipients. Always create a reasonable budget for your giveaways…and stick to it. Never choose an item that looks, feels, or performs like it's cheap. Instead, find a reasonably priced, quality option that will make your guests feel fortunate to have received one.
Of course, cost is important, but it isn't everything. Once you've ironed out the budget for your giveaway, it's important to think about the demographic that will be receiving the item at your trade show display in Detroit. Ask yourself: Will my prospective consumers find this item intriguing? Fun? Useful? Tapping into your crowd's specific interests and needs will help you screen out options that won't resonate with them. And it will help you pinpoint items that customers will get excited about. Finding a product that resonates with them increases the chances that they will want to use it at home, at the office, or elsewhere in their personal lives after the function is over.
Finally, when brainstorming items to handout, it's critical to consider branding opportunities. Some items, while fun and inexpensive, may not offer a way to put your brand identity somewhere on them. Not being able to brand a handout should instantly eliminate it from your prospective selection list. Putting your brand on the item is the only way to ensure that your recipient will remember who you are once the chaos of the convention has concluded. When placing your brand identity on the item, it's important to use the same colors, logo, imagery, etc. that's used on your other marketing materials for a consistent, cohesive presence at every function.
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