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How To Choose The Right Trade Show Display Rental In Toledo

November 20, 2014

More and more exhibitors are taking advantage of the option to rent trade show exhibits and displays. Renting allows these exhibitors to save money and present their brands professionally. If you are considering taking advantage of trade show display rental in Toledo, it is important that you know what to look for when choosing which products to rent. At Skyline Event Services, we can help you rest assured that our rentals meet your every qualification. Below, we will discuss three ways to help you choose the right trade show display rental in Toledo.
#1 - Choose Convenience
In order to choose the right trade show display rental in Toledo, you want to choose a vendor and products that offer you convenience. There are few things more frustrating than running into problems while trying to set up for a show. Avoid headaches by choosing a company that is known for convenient solutions.
Skyline Event Services can offer the convenience you need in trade show display rentals. Our portable solutions are so easy to operate that your team will be set up in a matter of minutes, allowing you to spend more of your valuable time interacting with trade show attendees. Not only do our portable displays pack up small, but they also do not require any special tools to set up. We even offer a line of air powered portable displays - the WindScape system is the most convenient trade show display rental in Toledo. You literally wheel it in, open the bag, and press a button to inflate it. Exhibiting has never been easier.
If your company is looking to rent a larger booth, such as a modular inline exhibit or island exhibit, Skyline Event Services offers convenient solutions for those as well. Not only will we provide you with quality rental exhibits, but we can also provide you with professional exhibiting services, such as installation and dismantling, a complete pre-show inspection, and even storage and shipping. We guarantee you will not find a more convenient trade show display rental in Toledo than what we offer at Skyline Event Services.
#2 - Choose Flexibility
In terms of choosing the best trade show rental in Toledo, flexibility is another filter that you should use. You want to have the freedom to change your graphics, messaging, and design as you desire, rather than being locked into one look for a long time. Additionally, you want the freedom to expand your display for certain events where you may want to have a stronger presence. For this reason, you must choose a trade show display rental that offers this kind of flexibility.
Skyline Event Services offers a variety of design options and allows you to change your look as often as desired. You can even add to your display to make it larger when necessary. This process is very smooth since our components are designed to be compatible. With Skyline, you won't be stuck with the same look event after event.
#3 - Choose Excellent Customer Service
The truth is, any rental is only as good as the vendor that provides it. As an exhibitor, one of the most important things you can do when choosing a trade show display rental in Toledo is select a vendor that is known for excellent customer service. After all, they are partnering with you to present your brand to the world. You need a company you can trust.
As a part of the global Skyline Exhibits network, Skyline Event Services can provide the reliable service and resources you need to maximize your exhibiting ROI. Skyline offers a variety of professional services that can help your company succeed, including event marketing and creative services.
If you are looking for a trade show display rental in Toledo, contact Skyline Event Services today for more information.

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