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How To Get The Most Out Of Giveaways At Your Trade Show Displays

November 07, 2017

How To Get The Most Out Of Giveaways At Your Trade Show Displays

Giveaways at corporate trade show displays; some business owners love them, some loathe them. However, no matter what their personal opinion is of trade show giveaways, most entrepreneurs agree that they need them. Handing out a freebie at a live marketing event offers a wide range of perks that outweigh the potential inconvenience of dragging them to the function. These items don't just offer a fun way to connect with the live showroom audience; they also can deliver long term promotional return on investment.

What To Know When Brainstorming Potential Handouts At Your Trade Show Displays

Deciding to use handouts is one thing, but actually formulating a strategy on which freebies will yield the biggest impact on your crowd can often prove challenging. When creating your giveaway plan, it's important to keep three key factors in mind.

Ask Yourself:

Is It Cost Effective?

Many entrepreneurs feel that they have to handout the most impressive item in the showroom in order to establish their business as an industry legend. Not true. Expensive giveaways can make a major impact on your budget and may not yield significantly better results than lesser expensive products. While you never want to handout products that look cheap, it's perfectly fine to select freebies that won't break your budget. If you do want to choose a few higher end items for certain contacts, that's okay. But the general masses will be just as content with a more standard handout.

Is It Interesting?

More specifically, is it interesting to your targeted demographic? It's important to think about the audience you are trying to connect with. What will resonate with their interests, needs and age group? Finding something that they will find interesting, fun and/or useful increases the odds that they will keep it after the event has ended.

Is It Branded?

No handout will ever yield the ROI you are looking for if it isn't branded. If there is no opportunity for you to put your company name and logo on a product, you can and should instantly eliminate it as a potential selection. When putting your brand on your selected item, always use consistent colors, fonts, logos and typeface as other marketing materials so you can present a uniform front to the masses come game day.

What To Hand out At Your Trade Show Display

Are you still not sure what to hand out at your trade show display? That's okay. For many business owners, zeroing in on one final selection to give out to the crowd visiting their trade show displays can prove a challenge. After all, there are a lot of cost-effective, interesting and brand-able products to choose from. Fortunately, many business owners have decided that they don't have to choose; instead, they opt to include a wide range of handouts in their trade show displays. Guests who stop in to visit can either have the choice of which item they would like, or you can give various guests items based on the day or hour that they stop in to visit.

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