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How To Use Custom-Designed Banners For Display Booth Anchors

August 16, 2016

How To Use Custom-Designed Banners For Display Booth Anchors

Whether your company's trade show display occupies a massive island or a standard in-line space, you can get better results by using carefully targeted banner stands to anchor your display. Keeping your marketing objectives in mind, look over what each component of your existing display contributes toward those objectives. Banner stands offer an economical way to fill in any gaps, hide the dreaded generic pipe-and-drape backdrop, or to second critical messages that appear elsewhere. They're also a great solution when your budget demands that you stick with the same basic display, but you want to call out new products, programs, deals, or special events. If you plan your marketing campaign well in advance, you can save money by ordering two-sided banners with a different product or campaign on each side. The cost of printing one 2-sided banner is lower than having two 1-sided banners made, and you'll have fewer banners to store and manage. Some effective design ideas to consider:
  • Reinforcing The Message - Banner stands are a great way to provide a ground-level repeat of a message you've displayed on a tower, on a ceiling-mounted display, or on a monitor. If someone spotted your taller display from across the room, banner stands with matching or complimentary messaging can serve as a welcome sign, and allows visitors to get a close-up view, or to get another tidbit of information that will help draw them into your space to interact with your display and your team.
  • Expanding The Picture - Because banner stands offer such flexibility in placement, they can give you an opportunity to display a large graphic in a space where it wouldn't normally fit, or to create a portable backwall with a single image, by splitting the image into sections. In a tight space, you can use 3 banner stands and angle the side panel inward, or place the stands in a louver configuration, or use even more stands arranged in a zigzag pattern.
  • Less Is More - No matter what objective you're designing your banners for, keep in mind that when it comes to this particular medium, less is definitely more. Use fewer words; let your logo and the image do the heavy lifting. Of course, this means you need to know exactly what you hope to accomplish by using that particular banner, and create a design that will grab people's attention and bring them to a full stop. Banners are not brochures, so your design shouldn't try to include a lot of explanations. If you need words, use as few as possible, make them large and in a heavy, clear font, so they'll be readable at as great a distance as possible.

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