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Lifesaving I.C.E. Lists for Your Detroit Trade Show Exhibit

April 17, 2015

Most emergencies and disasters with tradeshow exhibits, in Detroit and across the US, can be avoided if you prepare and bring these emergency items ahead of time. Being prepared can mean the difference between success and failure.
Prepare Your Trade Show Exhibit For Mishaps
Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere; they can even happen to you or your attenders within your trade show exhibits in Detroit. You’re prepared for I.C.E. situations, or “In case of emergency” situations, in every aspect of your life; you have I.C.E. speed dial on your phone and I bet you’ve prepared your family for extreme situations at home, too. Why not prepare in the same way for your trade show exhibit?
So, you think you’re ready for your trade show. Your employees have been thoroughly trained and your giveaways and brochures have been artfully arranged. But are you really ready for show time?
No matter how much you’ve prepared for your exhibit, you’ll always run into unforeseen circumstances. It’s time to tap into that Boy Scout and/or Girl Scout instinct of yours and get prepared. Here are some lists that will help you to be prepared for a potential sticky situation at a trade show:
Office And Promotional Items
These are important, especially if this is your first time exhibiting at a tradeshow in Detroit. You never know how many people will visit your booth and you don’t want to run out of supplies. Here is a basic list of back-up office items your exhibit may need:
Stapler with extra staples
Extra paper clips
Extra giveaway items--Your demand may be higher than you had anticipated!
Permanent, Felt-tip markers, like Sharpies; bring several packs, since they tend to disappear.
Staffer schedule
Staffer contact info
A list of back-up staffers—You never know who’ll get sick or have their own emergency.
More promotional literature and marketing materials
Pens, pencils, and highlighters
Extra business cards
Post-it notes
Calculators--One for everyone
Extra batteries—You may need backup for your wireless mouse or keyboard.
Maintenance Items
There isn’t just one kind of disaster; remember that anything can happen! Collisions, spills, even smudged glass can cheapen the look of your exhibit. But if you prepare, these disturbances can be a mere blip on the radar, rather than a career-killer. Here are some items to avoid these issues:
Duct tape--Remember, duct tape can temporarily fix anything!
Packaging tape-- You’ll want an extra roll during drayage.
Backup light bulbs
Glass cleaner with rags and paper towels; clean surfaces make a great impression!
Clorox wipes; you never know what kind of spills you’ll have.
Utility knife
Tape measure
Screwdriver--Phillips head, regular or multi-changing head.
Adhesive sided Velcro--This is a trade show secret and lifesaver!
Personal and First Aid Items
You never know what is going to happen when you invite people into your booth. You’ll inadvertently be shaking a lot of hands and you don’t know how well or unwell each attender is going to be. Also, with so many people, there are bound to be accidents, scrapes and bruises. You want to also make sure that your breath is fresh, your voice clear and your hands smoothed. Here are some items you need to prepare for this:
Anti-bacterial hand gel; remember you’ll be shaking a lot of hands.
Hand lotion--Use it after the often-drying hand gel.
First-aid kit: Advil, styptic, bandages, disinfectant, gauze, antibiotic cream and nausea meds.
Bottled water
Throat lozenges
Breath mints; you’ll be up close and personal with a lot of people.
Turn A Potential Disaster Into An Opportunity To Shine
Remember, how you handle a difficult situation says a lot about you and your company. Show your customers that you can handle any issue with speed and grace, and you may turn a potential disastrous emergency into an opportunity to gain valuable leads.
Contact us at Skyline Cleveland for more information on how you can avoid these pitfalls. We can help with everything from exhibits to planning; we have all of your trade show needs covered.

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