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Maximize Your Space At Trade Show Exhibits With Kiosks

May 18, 2017

Maximize Your Space At Trade Show Exhibits With Kiosks

Whether you tend to rent 10-foot, 20-foot, or larger booth spaces at trade show exhibits, utilizing a kiosk can maximize your space efficiency. These stand-alone structures effectively house electronic equipment through which a user can access information about products or services in a creative manner that will benefit your booth in at least eight ways.

What Kiosks Offer Trade Show Exhibits

  1. Better security. Now that computers and tablets are common in trade show booths, installing them requires more security, as both laptops and iPads are attractive targets for theives. Using a kiosk allows you to securely fasten expensive devices to a stand, while making informative materials available and accessible.
  2. Convenient to use. Typically, they consist of a stand that holds the equipment, often with a counter positioned a convenient height for visitors. Visitors can comfortably view material in the kiosk without having to bend down to see it on a table. Given that tradeshow attendees become more tired as the day goes on, they will appreciate being able to watch effortlessly.
  3. Crowd management tool. Depending on where you position the kiosk, you can either encourage a viewer to come farther into your booth, or if you are promoting something that draws considerable interest, you'll be able to manage the crowd and keep people who want to see the presentation next close to, but not in, your booth. If you have a smaller space, this prevents overcrowding.
  4. Interactive technology. Once in place, visitors can view a video, PowerPoint presentation, web-based content, or other visual material and interact with it as well. They'll be able to experiment with the software, answer questions that appear on the screen, or respond to other directives requested by the presentation. When coupled with touchscreen technology, you can make it easy for show attendees to input data you can use.
  5. Make sales and registrations a breeze. The setup makes a kiosk especially useful for registrations, sign-ups, and sales. Additional functionality means automated sales can take place in your exhibit space without the involvement of booth staff.
  6. Up close and personal experience. Since the device screen is small, users get a personalized experience in viewing the material. A staffer from your company can approach them to answer any questions. You can wow them with both your company's technical prowess and the friendliness and knowledge level of your representative.
  7. Multi functional. A kiosk can also serve as a stand for a larger TV or monitor. This is a great opportunity to show off your information to a larger group of people. Those with questions can come into the booth to chat with staff. The stands often accommodate graphic panels, so you'll have additional room to promote your message.
  8. Your message as you like it. The unit is totally customizable. You can choose models with tension fabric graphics surrounding the outside or arranged in arches or other structures. They can be set up to show iPods and monitors on two sides or even mount a tablet and a flat screen monitor.

Try It Before You Buy It

You have the option to either buy or rent kiosks for trade show exhibits. If you are debating the best style to buy, try renting different models at subsequent shows before making a purchasing decision.

Skyline Event Services offers a wide array of equipment for trade show exhibits in Ohio. From striking booths and supplementary items like kiosks and banner stands, you can find what you need for sale or rent. For more information, visit our website at http://skylinetrisource.com/.

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