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Move Towards A Conversion With Your Toledo Trade Show Exhibits

January 18, 2016

Tips For Sales Conversions At Toledo Trade Show Exhibits

Working Toledo trade show exhibits means tapping into a wide range of promotional advantages. No matter what industry you operate in, live events and conventions allows you to showcase your brand as a trendsetting leader, all while highlighting your design, cultivating leads and building corporate buzz amongst the wandering masses. In short, conventions prove an ideal forum to see and be seen amongst your targeted demographic of prospective leads.

Work Towards The Close At Your Toledo Trade Show Exhibits

While the lead potential alone makes working Toledo trade show exhibits a worthy investment, it's important to note that you can take your marketing efforts to the next level and secure actual conversions during the function. Knowing a few strategies and tips to employ throughout the event can up your conversion success rate, as well as up your overall return on investment with your live marketing strategies.
What is the first thing to consider when planning for conversion success? Securing a private meeting space at or near the venue. Exhibits and expos, while effective, are often noisy. Eliminate distracting background noise by offering guests a quiet space to negotiate terms.
Sharpening your elevator pitch can also have a major impact in your conversion rate. Guests will give you only a few seconds of their time before moving on in the showroom, make each second count. Work with your staff to develop a pitch that instantly commands attention, explains what you do, and proves that you effectively solve a problem for them to maximize engagement results.
Getting a list of show attendees and representatives can also have a major impact on your conversion success rate. How? It allows you and your team to focus your strategies to best meet the guest’s needs, as well as leverage the marketing research you already have. Contact the hosting venue in advance for a list of event attendees to ensure your staff is prepped and ready for the specific decision makers in the room.

Other Tips For Sales Conversions At Toledo Trade Show Exhibits

Your social media pages can also play a key role in warming up the crowd for a sale, even before the venue doors open on game day. Six weeks before the event, begin your social media campaign. Post updates to your blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to get prospective guests buzzing about what you have to offer.
What is another resource to consider when you attempt to stand out from the competition and close? Technology. Many event attendees arrive ready to purchase, but are still unsure of which company to entrust with their business. Use innovative technology to effectively stand out from the competition. Laptops, flatscreens and tablets can quickly showcase your organization as an industry leader.
Finally, always incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) within all of your marketing material, as well as your live pitch approach. A CTA directs next steps for the crowd; encourage them to signup for a free trial, or even use your exhibit laptops to direct them to a sales page where they can make the purchase onsite. Offering a CTA continues the conversation/engagement with tangible results.
Do you want to hear more about converting leads at exhibits? Contact the team at Skyline Cleveland today!

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