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Seven Ways To Command Attention With Your Trade Show Displays

September 15, 2017

Seven Ways To Command Attention With Your Trade Show Displays

Getting ready to work the live event marketing circuit, but feel like your execution plan can use a little pick me up? It's a common concern for business owners in every field and niche. Just when they think that they've mastered how to command attention with their customized trade show displays, they arrive at their next event and realize that they've been effectively out-strategized by the competition.

Know Key Ways To Maximize Results With Your Trade Show Displays

Fortunately, revitalizing your live marketing strategy doesn't usually require a major overhaul to optimize overall effect. If you're ready to command crowd attention with your trade show displays, you may just need to add a few helpful hints to your overall strategy. Starting with these seven proven hints can instantly boost the buzz around your trade show displays and ensure that you have all eyes on your business come event day.

Use your brand colors: Prospective clients familiar with your company will be quickly scanning the many booths at an event to find yours. Make it easy for them by using your brand identifying colors and logo to help draw their eye to your booth quickly.

Launch a new product: Have a new item you're launching? Trade show displays prove an ideal place for an unveiling. Use the announcement to generate floor buzz and get guests lined up outside of your booth.

Host a merchandise demo: Want a surefire want to direct attention to your stand (and away from the competition)? Hold a live demonstration right on the showroom floor. Live demos not only allow you to get your products in front of prospective clients, it also lets you get an up close look at their reactions and opinions to your merchandise.

Reach out to attending affiliates: All too often, entrepreneurs believe that prospective clients are the only valuable leads found at exhibits. Not true; most venues are rife with attending industry affiliates. Create a list of businesses that you may be able to join forces with in the future and reach out to them in advance to set up appointments during the function.

Schedule client meetings: Think that client meetings should only happen at the office? Guess again; always reach out to your event-local clients to set up an appointment right at your trade show displays. It's a perfect way for them to experience your company's venue buzz firsthand.

Pick a killer giveaway: It's no secret that even subpar handouts will encourage guests to stop in, lured by the thrill of a freebie; a great giveaway can make major impact and encourage visitors to not just stop in, but stay and learn more about your organization.

Use a fun booth: All too often, business owners believe that they can't have fun with their trade show displays. This simply isn't the case. In addition to your informative and professional booths include a fun booth where visitors can enjoy simulated sports or even a dollar grab to get the crowd clamoring outside of your space.

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