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Seven Ways To Revise The Strategy Of Your Cleveland Trade Show Displays

February 16, 2015

Have you been working the live marketing arena consistently, but feel like you simply aren't maximizing results with your Cleveland trade show displays? Entrepreneurs in every industry have often experienced that nagging feeling of somehow not measuring up to the competition come game day. Even with careful preparation, they set up their Cleveland trade show displays and simply fade into the background, while the competition snatches up their share of the market.
Leverage Your Cleveland Trade Show Displays For Optimal ROI
Does this sound like your current promotional dilemma? Success may be easier than you initially assume. When faced with lackluster live event results, many business owners believe that they must perform a complete overhaul on their Cleveland trade show displays. They assume that the only way to make a major impact at the next event is to scrap their current strategy completely and start from scratch.
Fortunately, you don't have to start over with your Cleveland trade show displays. Redefining your strategy with just a few helpful hints can instantly help you command crowd attention and minimize the effect of your fellow exhibitors. When redefining your executional strategy, consider these seven tips for optimal event return on investment:
Increase your brand's presence: At Skyline Event Services, we know that a company's brand identity plays a major role in the success of their Cleveland trade show displays. Including your brand colors and logos throughout the stand will deliver more sustainable impact and help consumers find you more quickly during the function.
Unveil your latest and greatest: Many business owners miss a major showroom buzz opportunity. How? By not announcing and launching new products during an event. Attendees will clamor to your exhibit to see your latest and greatest market offering.
Hold product demos: Beyond simply telling the crowd about your latest products, show them why the product falls into the "latest and greatest" category. Hold live product demos throughout the day to get your product into potential customers' hands and see for yourself what their feedback is.
Extend your networking net: Yes, every industry event will have a slew of competitors at the venue, all vying for your consumer base. However, live marketing functions also offer the invaluable opportunity to connect with affiliate organizations as well. Set up appointments during the function to discuss future opportunities and keep a steady flow of traffic at your Cleveland trade show displays.
Connect with current clients: While exhibits prove an ideal place to source future customers, it's also a great way to connect with current ones; set up meetings with local customers in advance to stay on their purchasing radar.
Go big with your giveaway: Don't dismiss the value of the freebie. Giveaways are a great way to build booth buzz. A relevant, innovative handout can do wonders for traffic at your exhibit.
Have some fun: Sure, you want to convey a professional image to the public…but that doesn't mean they can't have some fun during their exhibit visit. Using fun attractions such as photo booths, simulated sports or even a karaoke machine can have the masses lining up outside your space in no time.
Want to hear more about improving the impact of your Cleveland trade show displays? Contact Skyline today!

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