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Showcase Your Trade Show Display In Detroit As A Trendsetter

September 18, 2015

Showcase Your Trade Show Display In Detroit As A Trendsetter

Feel like the design of your trade show display in Detroit looks a bit dated? Or, are you looking to create a new trade show display in Detroit, but aren't quite sure what you will need to look like a modern innovator? Many business owners struggle with the same challenges. They quickly realize that one of the best ways to edge out the competition is to keep their trade show display in Detroit on-trend; however, they aren't quite sure what "on-trend" means.

Skyline Can Help Create Your On Trend Trade Show Display In Detroit

If you are looking to present a sophisticated, professional and on-trend trade show display in Detroit, the team at Skyline can help. Our team of skilled and experienced designers will partner with our clients to understand their specific marketing needs and requirements. No solves-all solutions here; instead, we will create a unique trade show display in Detroit using a wide range of materials, fabrics, textures and colors that not only successfully showcases your brand, but also keeps your exhibit on-point and on-trend for ultimate return on investment.
Are you ready to begin your journey as an industry trendsetter? Some current trends to watch for your exhibit may include:
Various LED Lighting Features
Yes, the venues you exhibit will always offer lighting of some type. However, innovative business owners recognize that including light directly within the trade show display can yield a wide range of benefits. We can incorporate LED lighting throughout the stand to showcase the most important products, services, and information that your company wants to promote. Additionally, the strategic use of lighting can help catch the eye of the wandering crowd and encourage them to stop in for a closer look.
Stations For Electronic Devices
It's no secret that virtually every event guest will have a device of some sort with them during the function. It's also no secret that nothing stresses these guests out more than a smartphone with a battery about to die. At Skyline, we can create various outlets to set up as phone charging stations so your guests can plug in and connect with your team while they await their newly charged device.
Seating Areas
Of course, guests charging their devices at your trade show display in Detroit may want to get comfortable. Why not let them? Including an appointed lounge area can instantly make visitors feel at home and encourage them to relax, see what your brand offers, and engage with your team for an extended stretch of time.
Innovative Technology
Another key way to look on-trend is to include a range of innovative technology features throughout your exhibit. One major feature we often design for is touch screens. Many modern consumers will often assume any monitor included in a stand comes with touch screen technology, so including them instantly adds relevance to your organization. Additionally, a touch screen can make the entire engagement with any guest more interactive.
Want to hear more about our design approach? Contact Skyline Cleveland today!

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