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Six Ways To Make Your Gulf Coast Portable Displays Stand Out

June 22, 2015

Here at Skyline Houston, we work with business owners and companies of every size and scope to refine their existing live marketing strategies. One common concern that we often address with our clients is how to ensure that our customers' Gulf Coast portable displays optimize results and overall audience impact.
Do you feel like you’re not maximizing results with your portable displays? The team at Skyline can help. Working with our team of design experts can help redefine your live encounter marketing initiatives and showcase your portable displays as the place to be during any live event.
How You Can Refine Results With Your Gulf Coast Portable Displays
When teaming with our consumers, we work with them to implement a wide range of tactics and strategies to help them maximize results with their exhibits. We start with the exhibits themselves. At Skyline Houston, we create customized Gulf Coast portable displays with bright, bold, eye-catching styles and designs that truly capture the very essence of your brand. The result? Everyone who comes to your exhibit during the event will leave knowing exactly what your business is about.
Of course, business owners who want to truly optimize every engagement must also include other strategies as well. Some important tips and suggestions include:
Plan The Right Location
Yes, where you exhibit on the showroom floor does matter. Getting stuck in low traffic areas throughout the event can mean low visibility. Premium space at a function may cost a little more, but can deliver a significant impact in your overall achievement at any given function.
Have An Approachable Staff
Once your new booth catches the eye of the crowd, it's critical to have a warm, welcoming team manning the stand so guests feel comfortable enough to approach. At-ease body language, smiles, and laidback personalities can make sure that visitors feel encouraged to start up a conversation with your team.
Give Snacks
Really. Live events days can be long and they require lots of walking. Many attendees won't even think about bringing food or beverages with them. Offering snacks and beverages to visitors will help them relax and get comfortable while you tell them more about your organization.
Hold An Event Contest
It's no secret that everyone loves the chance to win something. Having the chance to win something during the function can entice guests to come to your portable display. Offer visitors the chance to enter a contest by leaving their contact information for a drawing during the function. They get an opportunity to win and you will have the opportunity to contact them later as one of your leads.
Establish Your Industry Expertise
Finally, guests stopping into your Gulf Coast portable display want to leave your stand having learned something. Don't miss out on the opportunity to teach them while they are visiting. Give handouts on industry trends, deliver a keynote speech during the function, or even write a whitepaper that demonstrates your company's industry expertise.
If you're looking to make your Gulf Coast portable displays stand out from the competition, Skyline Houston can help.

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