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Slash Freight & Drayage Costs For Trade Show Booths

January 20, 2017

Slash Freight, Drayage And I&D Costs On Your Trade Show Booth

One common request among today's trade show exhibitors is for lightweight materials for trade show booths that still have that "Wow!" factor, with less expense. Using these lightweight systems not only cuts costs for freight and drayage, but a well-designed system also reduces the amount of I & D hours an exhibitor will have to pay for, to get that exhibit set up and struck at each show. As the buying public's interest in supporting eco-friendly businesses grows, many exhibitors also find it advantageous to use trade show display materials that represent more sustainable use. Many of the materials used in lightweight trade show booths are recyclable, there is less material used overall, and the reduced weight means less demand for pollution-causing transportation. By designing your trade show booth with a lightweight display system, your company can realize significant savings while supporting a more eco-friendly solution.
  • Versatile Inflatables - Inflatables have evolved a great deal in recent years, and have moved firmly into the category of serious contenders, in terms of lightweights display materials. Skyline's Windscape line features shapes and sizes ranging from a 16-foot backlit tower to an enclosed conference room, with a surprisingly selection in between. The inflatable components don't use internal frames, so they pack into much smaller containers than other types of systems; that 16-foot tower packs with its inflator into a container the size of a standard suitcase. Even for outdoor use, the inflatable components stand their ground and present a polished and professional appearance.
  • Flexible Modular Displays - Custom modular displays are beginning to overtake traditional custom components because the offer all the versatility and far fewer drawbacks. The lightweight structural supports and tensioned fabric walls cost much less to transport, and a modern system engineered for fast set-up and teardown cuts I&D labor costs dramatically. One Skyline client reported that I&D for their 50-by-50 double decker went from 40 hours to just 16 when they switched from a traditional custom exhibit to Skyline's SkyRise. Modular display is easy to reconfigure or scale to fit a variety of trade show booths and other spaces, so you're not locked into a single design or configuration and you can make changes more economically than with a traditional custom display.
  • Cut Costs, Not Value - By designing your trade show booth using a lightweight system, you'll save a considerable percentage of your former costs for freight, drayage, I&D. With smart design choices, you can also increase the functionality and design impact of your exhibit, adding features that would have been cost-prohibitive in a traditional system: private meeting spaces, media projection wall, or display surfaces that rise far above the competition.

Better Trade Show Booths At Lower Cost

Skyline Trisource Exhibits provides Detroit exhibitors a huge range of choices in lightweight display systems along with expert advice to create a trade show booth that reflects their unique image, creates a memorable spectacle, and achieves their marketing goals.

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