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Take Your Detroit Trade Show Exhibit High Tech

April 20, 2017

Take Your Trade Show Exhibit High Tech

The marketing technology we use today in a trade show exhibit has evolved quickly in a very short time. Developers are racing to keep up with the new opportunities and demands, and exhibitors are often left wondering which of these technological advances are worth investing in. Because of the rapidly changing landscape in this field, companies need to know that they’re going to realize a significant return on their investment quickly, before the technology spotlight moves to something newer and better. The recently released Exhibitor magazine 2016 Marketing Technology Survey may shed some light on which technologies you should be considering for your trade show exhibit.

  • Custom Mobile Apps - One of the fastest growing trends in marketing tech is customized mobile apps. Although mobile apps are not new technology, using them as part of a trade show marketing program is a newer trend. Developing a mobile app represents a significant investment in time and money, and achieving a worthwhile ROI takes a coordinated approach because that app’s reach and utility will need to extend well beyond trade shows. Many companies use their trade show exhibits as a way to entice prospects to start using their app, which will produce its best value as that prospect continues using it.
  • Interactive Experiences & Touchscreens - The equipment used to display interactive experiences is more affordable than ever before and accessible to nearly any company, since they can usually be displayed on tablets, or with rental displays. Developing an interactive presentation, though, still takes a fairly serious investment. While interactive displays rarely fail to draw a crowd, the key to getting a solid ROI from that presentation is to make sure it’s attracting actual prospects, expanding your brand image and reach, and helping your team close sales.
  • Event-Targeted Micro-Sites - Micro-sites are simplified websites that typically have their own address and a very narrow content focus. Often that focus is a single product or line, but in the case of trade show marketing, a micro-site is more often focused on a specific event and what products and promotions visitors can expect there. Micro-sites are a popular marketing tool because they are relatively inexpensive and can be designed specifically for mobile response and small-screen viewing. The smaller sites load faster than a typical company website, which helps mobile users, especially in a convention center where wireless or cellular data bandwidth may be limited.
  • Improved Lead Collection - Lead collection technology is another fast-growing area. A current-tech lead collection system like Skyline inTouch helps your booth team collect better leads with more information about those prospects to help your sales team make a more effective follow-up. It also provides analytics that help your marketing team understand which digital components in your exhibit were most effective and which need to be dialed in more precisely to get visitors to respond.

Work With Skyline Trisource To Create A High-Tech Trade Show Exhibit In Detroit

Skyline Trisource can help you determine which marketing tech will produce the best results for your specific brand and objectives, then work with you to create a unique and innovative trade show exhibit that uses that technology to your best advantage.

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