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Targeting The Best Promotional Items At Trade Show Displays In Cleveland

March 18, 2015

For trade show displays in Cleveland, what promotional items to pass out to show visitors remains a hot topic. When you browse the catalogs or websites for possible giveaways, you may buy cheap items. Mesmerized by the quantity discounts, you order enough pens, key chains, or other do-dads to cover all your shows for the year. Is this being a "smart shopper" or are you wasting money on items that attendees consider disposable? Skyline Cleveland can help you make good decisions about effective promo items.
Are Cheap Giveaways Effective?
When an attendee needs to buy a product, seeing an exhibitor's name on a pen or flash drive will cause them to have a "Eureka moment", which will lead them to check out your company's offerings. This is the premise behind show handouts. However, some show visitors approach trade shows as if it were Halloween. They bag up all the goodies they can get, regardless of whether they need a product or service. So, there’s no true “Eureka Moment”, but only wasted money.  Distributing inexpensive handouts of something that is useful is a nice gesture, but not one that will help customers remember your company or buy your products.
Tips For Smart Promotional Items At Trade Show Displays In Cleveland
Here are a few fresh approaches to distributing promotional items:

  • Give something different than the usual pens or other cheap items. If you don't want to spend much, try to think outside of the box and select something that is useful and appropriate to your industry.
  • Don't put the giveaways out for easy pickup. Even if you offer something inexpensive like a pen, at least ensure that the visitors talk to you before they get their freebies. Even in a brief conversation, you can qualify the prospect to learn whether their company might have a need for your products.
  • Consider food giveaways, such as candy, coffee, or water. Attendees can become tired, hungry, thirsty, and bored after hours of booth-walking. Offering relief buys you goodwill, if nothing else. If you have something that smells good, position it toward the back of the booth to entice visitors to come in. Some companies go the extra mile by having the candy wrappers, cups, or water bottle personalized. One tip: While popcorn and other food items smell great, the show might have rules that prohibit certain foods. They may also charge you more for cleanup.
  • Have drawings for items of greater value. In deciding on a drawing grand prize, aim for something relevant to your company. Everyone wants to win a Hawaiian vacation, so visitors will flock to your booth to enter whether they are potential buyers for your company or not. Offering something relevant to your company, such as a product, software, or training, has a better chance of attracting a potential customer or lead.
  • Rather than a big giveaway, offer smaller prizes that you award one or more times a day. This makes visitors feel they have a chance to win, because everybody loves to be winner.
When considering these tips, it can still be challenging to select the right giveaway. In addition to serving your needs for trade show displays in Cleveland, Skyline can help you target the best promotional items for your display. Contact Skyline Cleveland today for help.

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