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Top Ways To Increase ROI With Your Corporate Trade Show Exhibit

December 07, 2017

Top Ways To Increase ROI With Your Corporate Trade Show Exhibit

Not too long ago, naysayers worldwide decided that the Internet would, inevitably, prove the death of using a trade show exhibit to further brand recognition, aka live encounter marketing. What was their reasoning? As more and more consumers became globally connected online, the need for in-person engagement and product pitching would irrevocably decline.

They. Were. Wrong.

While, it is true, that online commerce has etched out a secure consumer niche for itself, buyers everywhere have proven that they still crave interpersonal engagement where they spend their money. These customers still want to engage at a trade show exhibit for a wide range of reasons. For some, their trade show exhibit visit is purely informational. They want to simply learn more about a specific brand, or marketplace. For others, it is all about getting their hands on actual products during the event itself, or at least see how it works live during a product demonstration. Whatever the reasoning, one thing has become undeniably clear: working a trade show exhibit can yield an impressive range of advantages that make it a marketing contender with staying power.

How Can You Improve Results When Working Your Trade Show Exhibit

If you include live marketing into your corporate marketing mix, you must employ a few key strategies to ensure that your business stands out from the competition. When prepping for the next encounter marketing engagement, consider:

Coordinating A Recon Mission: One of the best ways to know if your business will succeed at a live event? Scout out the function as an attendee. Not only will you save on a potentially significant exhibitor fee if you decide it is not for you, you can also get an up close look on everything a specific function has to offer exhibitors in your industry.

Making Everything Pitch Perfect: Do not wing how you will engage with passersby and actual visitors at your trade show exhibit. Instead, plan carefully, strategically, and well in advance so everyone on your team is prepared to make the biggest impact possible. Remember, it is called a trade show for a reason; take every opportunity to demonstrate live what your products have to offer instead of simply telling everyone who stops in. Yawn!

Rolling Out The Welcome Mat: Making your exhibits and stands as welcoming and inviting as possible can play a major role in the overall success that you enjoy during the function. Do not overcrowd your floor space with a lot of "stuff." Instead, place key items/products throughout your area to catch the crowd's eye, yet still give them enough room to chat comfortably with your staff.

Strategically Splurging: Obviously, budget will play a huge role in how much money you can spend throughout any given function. It is important to know when you should skimp, and what warrants a little splurging. Keeping an eye on travel costs, marketing handouts, and freebies can help keep expenses low. However, splurging a bit on booth location and using various technology, like data scanners and flatscreens, can truly have a impact on overall event return on investment.

Skyline Trisource Exhibits helps business owners in every industry create the right Toledo trade show exhibit for their live event marketing needs. Whether you need a full-sized exhibit for your annual trade show circuit, or a customized sign for outside your storefront, Skyline can help you find the perfect promotional fit.

Toledo Trade Show Exhibit
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