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Tower Displays: Save Labor Costs, Make A Bigger Impression

April 18, 2016

Save Labor Costs, Make A Bigger Impression With Tower Displays

If you're been considering ways for your company to increase its visibility at trade shows, you've probably already discovered one of the most common deterrents: The cost of trade show labor. Detroit companies who want to upgrade from a more basic booth set-up to a larger, more structural presence often find that the cost of the additional display is manageable, but when you add in the additional cost of labor to transport, set up, and tear down that larger display, it's a huge jump. Tower displays can be a perfect intermediate step because they increase your visibility dramatically, yet they offer options that allow your team to do their own set-up – easily.

How Can A Tower Display Help My Company?

  • Save Money And Effort - With an inflatable tower display like Skyline Displays' Windscape line, the entire display packs into one suitcase-sized container. A 16-foot tower packs into a container small enough to fly as a checked bag, or tucked into the trunk of a passenger car with plenty of room to spare. One person can unpack and install the Windscape tower alone in under 10 minutes.
  • Use All Of Your Booth Space -The footprint of your booth may be teen feet square, but your space usually goes all the way to the ceiling. A standard backwall is eight feet tall, so using a 16-foot tower display places your message and brand in a position that can bee seen for aisles and aisles. Your booth can draw people in from a greater distance, and more people will be exposed to your message throughout the day, even while they're not nearby.
  • Light The Way - What things most often catch people's eyes as they walk through a trade show? Color, motion, and light. Skyline Displays offers several types of tower displays that are compatible with backlighting, which literally makes your message shine. People will be able to read your message from a greater distance, and your graphics will stand out from the competition. When your booth is easy to spot from across the room, people will tend to use it as a landmark for meeting up with team members over the course of the day. You get more chances to interact with those people as they come to your area and slow down to wait.
  • Show Off Your Tech - If you've invested in developing a multimedia display or interactive experience for trade shows, you'll want to be sure that as many people as possible are exposed to that media. Using a tower display that supports monitor mounts gives you a perfect showcase for your tech displays. Place monitors with your video message above that eight-foot backwall height, and people will gravitate toward your booth. Place interactive media around the sides of your tower – you can opt for workstations and stools, if you wish – and you get more opportunities than ever before to connect with those people.

Grab Their Attention Without Breaking A Sweat

Upgrading your trade show display and increasing engagement doesn't have to involve backbreaking work or huge expenses for trade show labor. Detroit exhibitors depend on Skyline Displays of Cleveland for packable, portable tower displays, and everything else they need for building an effective trade show booth. We're here to help with everything from full-service sales and custom rentals to graphic design, and marketing strategy planning and training. Contact us online or call us at 800-486-4291 to learn how Skyline Displays can help your business exceed its trade show marketing goals.

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