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Trade Show Display Rental In Toledo Makes Good Sense To Exhibitors

March 30, 2015

If your company does shows regularly, you probably own your own booth. Market managers often regard trade show display rentals much like renters approach home buying. "Why throw away money on rent," they say, when you can own." They generally pay for a booth within two to three shows; which has a average 5 year lifespan. They look at booth extras, such as carpet, chairs, tables, and miscellaneous items like wastebaskets.  They think that once they’ve purchased these items, they won’t have another expense until they purchase their next booth. However, there are a lot of added, unforeseen expenses to owning a display. Renting a display often eliminates these costs. Skyline Cleveland can help you evaluate whether you should buy or rent a trade show display in Toledo.
Just because you’ve paid off your house, doesn’t mean you’re free and clear of expenses. Buying a booth is just like buying a house. Homes require maintenance and upgrades, and so do exhibit materials and displays, which costs money. The cost of storing and shipping booths and accessories can be expensive, as well. Just like renting a home, when you rent a display, the only elements you’re responsible for are the rent and upkeep..
When Owning A Booth Falls Short For Show Success
One would think that owning a booth is sensible, because once it’s paid off, you have no more capital costs for a few years. And assuming nothing changes in trade show world or with your company, you are set. However, reality isn’t quite that simple. There are a lot of factors that could go wrong here.
What if:

  • You decide you want to make a bigger presence at a show?
  • You have a conflict between two shows you want to attend?
  • You want to try an experiment at your next show and need a bigger or different display?
  • You find that your competitors have a new look and you feel left behind?
  • You realize you need technology in your booth and you’re unsure how to incorporate it into your current design?
In any of these cases, you either don’t want to or can’t make the capital investment in another booth. As trade shows trends change, you can rent equipment to try new innovative designs before you buy. Renting an extra booth or add-ons for your current display is much more cost effective than buying new when you are unsure of what you want.
Saving Money With Trade Show Display Rental In Toledo
When you consider small items, your first thought might be to buy a carpet remnant for $100 rather than paying more than that at each show to rent it. You may buy a $20 wastebasket rather than renting one for each show. The problem is that both of those items are bulky; especially if you have a streamlined WindScape booth, you will have to pay to ship items such as carpets, chairs, table, and wastebaskets separately. You’ll have to pay to have them brought to your booth, and use warehouse space storing them between shows. The overall extra costs may exceed the value of the items. Trade show rentals of these furnishings can actually save you money and offer you more variety as well.
Skyline Cleveland can provide trade show display rentals of the most striking, up-to-date equipment in the industry. When you are exhibiting in Toledo, Cleveland, or Detroit, you will save on shipping costs and not have to worry about setting up or removing the pieces you rent. For a great selection of booths and accessories, ask about Skyline Cleveland rentals today.

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