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Trade Show Display Rentals Can Save You Money

October 05, 2017

From Booths to Accessories, Trade Show Display Rentals Can Save You Money

Many companies have made the investment in a trade show display of their own. Like buying a home, marketing managers and company officials feel that renting is a waste of money compared to owning. Given the price of booths, a company can usually repay the costs if they do more than two or three shows per year. After making the purchase, they figure they will probably not have to worry about buying again for an average of five years. Even with accessories such as carpets, table, chairs, and wastebaskets, buying seems like a good idea. However, there are hidden and unforeseen costs to owning a display, and they really add up. Trade show display rentals that include booths and other furniture is a sound approach in many situations.

When Is Trade Show Display Rental A Good Value?

Just like your home, a booth display needs repairs, maintenance, and updating, which cost money. And even if someone owns their home, they might rent a hall for party rather than add a huge addition to accommodate an occasional event. The same idea applies if you own your own booth display; there are times when paying to rent equipment may occasionally make more sense than buying additional pieces.

For example, if you usually have a 10' booth, you might want to expand to 20' or 30' for a particular show. Maybe your company has a new product or you are celebrating a company anniversary and you need a larger space. You might even want to test whether having a bigger display makes a difference. If you have a busy show schedule, you might occasionally have a conflict when two events occur at the same time. Renting and additional display can help you eliminate that conflict by allowing your company to attend both events. Renting components to add to your booth can help you meet your immediate needs without a substantial purchase. It can also help you to see if the additional investment in a bigger display is cost-effective.

As new booths styles and methods of trade show marketing come into vogue, you may wonder if you would like a new inflatable model or a display with a conference room. Before jumping into a purchase, a trade show booth rental can help you decide which display offers the function you want and need. Bringing technology to the booth may require a new layout, as well. Renting can help you decide whether or not you want to buy.

Cost Advantages Of Renting

Though trade show display rental can be a stopgap measure, some exhibitors love other advantages of renting. When you rent from a vendor with a local presence, the vendor will transport the exhibit to the show, which can save you hundreds of dollars in shipping. The items you rent will be brought to your space and then picked up, without your team having to worry about shipping them home. You save in shipping, handling, and I&D costs, which often offset the cost of the rental. 

If you see the virtue of renting components when you need them, you may still opt to ship other booth furniture to shows. You can also rent chairs, tables, computer equipment, and small equipment such as waste paper baskets, stools, and projectors. The rental cost may seem only slightly more than buying the items outright, but don’t forget to add shipping and storage costs.

Whether you are talking about items large or small, a quick analysis may prove that a trade show display rental is a good value for many events. Your local trade show exhibit company can help you run the numbers to decide when renting makes sense.

Serving the Cleveland, Toledo, and Detroit markets, Skyline Trisource Exhibits offers comprehensive trade show services. The company provides marketing services to maximize your trade show investment and provides custom, modular, and WindScape inflatable trade show displays for sale and rental. Locally owned and operated, Skyline Cleveland is part of the network of Skyline dealers around the world.

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