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Try A Tabletop Display For Your First Trade Show Exhibit

June 15, 2017

Try A Tabletop Display For Your First Trade Show Exhibit

Unsure of how to get into your first trade show exhibit? Not sure it will be worth the investment? A tabletop display offers you the opportunity to make a quality presentation in a smaller format that is perfect for local or regional events or even ones of national scope.

What's To Love About A Tabletop Trade Show Exhibit?

Available in all the styles popular for trade show booths, such as pop-ups, panel systems, and inflatables, plus banner stands and briefcase models, tabletops give you the opportunity to test the market with an attractive trade show exhibit. As with all sizes of displays, what's important is how you promote your presence at the exhibition.

To really see whether a tabletop can work for you, there are certain things you must do when designing it. While the mention of "tabletop" might bring your mind your high school science fair, with its array of posters propped up on tables in the gym, this type of exhibit is a professional tool that should follow all the design rules used for larger backwalls.

Rules To Follow When Using A Tabletop Display

Here are a few of the rules that can make tabletops work.

  1. Use one or two graphics maximum. Using more will make the backwall look too busy. Those who view your exhibit from more than 10 or 15 feet away won't be able to distinguish what is in the pictures if you have too many.
  2. Make sure the graphics are high quality. This means you should have professionally-shot photos that keep their resolution even when expanded to the size of the display. Pixelated, fuzzy graphics don't tell the story you want.
  3. Limit the amount of text on your backwall. In addition to your company name, keep your text to 10 words or less. Your trade show backwall is not the place to publish an encyclopedia about your company.
  4. The more text you put on your wall, the smaller it is and the harder it is to read without attendees standing directly in front of it. From afar, your trade show exhibit will be a blur.
  5. As for text, there are common sense rules that apply here too. The rule of thumb for text size with 10' by 10' displays is that headlines should be about four inches high, while body text should be two inches. Don't vary too much from this on a tabletop.
  6. Make sure that the text and graphics on your sign provide enough contrast. This is not the time to do a subtle tone-on-tone presentation. Your goal is to improve visibility.
  7. Especially at a show that is all tabletops, do not clutter up your space with lots of additional furniture. Having a tablet or a literature rack can be a great asset, but don't add much more.
  8. Add a coordinating table cover imprinted with your logo to cover your table. Use a solid color so it is not too busy. You want visitors' eyes to be on your display, not other things in the booth.
  9. Light the booth well, since great lighting makes the graphics look even better.
  10. Cut the clutter. Though you may have some space on the table in front of your display for a few brochures and business cards, you do not want an abundance of either. Keep the area free of coffee cups, phones, food, card scanners, and anything else.

When you present a good-looking tabletop trade show exhibit and utilize state-of-the-art marketing procedures to drive traffic to your booth, you will gain valuable insights for future events, as well as leads. These small but powerful displays are a great way to get initiated into the trade show circuit.

Skyline Trisource Exhibits offers exhibit design, management, onsite I&D, and integrated marketing services. If you're exhibiting in Detroit, Toledo, or Cleveland, a trade show exhibit from Skyline will build your business, whether you are using a tabletop or a large custom booth in a wide variety of modular, pop-up, island, or the new WindScape inflatable designs.

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