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Effective Trade Show Booths

August 03, 2017

5 Things To Understand About Your Target Market To Make Trade Show Booths Most Effective

Businesses need to consider so many factors in order to design their trade show booths in such a way that makes them most effective in attracting the attention of the desired audience. Perhaps the main goal for businesses should be to seek to understand the individuals that make up their target audience. Demography is a tool that allows businesses to do just that. Marketers are able to study the demographics of their desired audience in order to better understand their needs and wants. Below, we will share five things that companies should understand about their target market in order to make their trade show booths most effective.

Consumer Demographics That Shape The Design Of Trade Show Booths Include:

#1 - Financials

Studying the average annual income as well as other financial factors about the market segment allows businesses to price their products and services more effectively. Financial factors also give marketers insight into how to best advertise to certain consumers. For example, if a company sells a luxury product or service, that company should spend their marketing budget in a way that most effectively reaches consumers of a certain income range who could actually afford the product. Understanding the financial state of consumers allows companies to be strategic and intentional.

#2 - Age Range

A company should always know what the age range of their target market is. Determining the age range of the desired audience offers valuable insight into the most effective ways to appeal to that market. For example, a company that is designing trade show booths to try to attract the attention of individuals in their 20s will probably choose styles, images, and content very different from a company that is trying to mainly reach adults 55 and older.

#3 - Family Dynamics

Family structure and dynamics play huge roles in shaping the purchasing priorities and patterns of consumers. Therefore, it is essential for companies to understand the family dynamics of the segment they are trying to reach. Are the consumers single or married? Do they have children? How many children do they have? These are all dynamics that will affect the way businesses should market to consumers. Take two different men who are both 29 years old as an example. One of them is a father of two kids and the other is single with no kids. Even though they are the same age and gender, because the family dynamics are so different, the two men may greatly differ in purchasing habits and priorities. Trade show booths give exhibitors a unique opportunity to appeal specifically to the consumers they're trying to reach.

#4 - Ethnicity

There are so many different races and cultures represented in America. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for marketers to understand the ethnicity and culture of their target audience. This will provide them with greater understanding of the belief systems and thought processes of the individuals they are marketing to. This understanding will be a valuable guide throughout the process of designing trade show booths and displays.

#5 - Location

Knowing where your market segment lives is essential to creating exhibits that appeal to them effectively. What are the weather conditions like in the area? Is it considered rural or urban? What are the unique cultural influences of that region? These are all important considerations in terms of geographical information, because these factors will shape the way that a business advertises to consumers. For example, individuals from urban areas will probably be drawn to different kinds of campaigns than individuals from the country.

These are some of the things to understand about your target audience in order to meet their needs as consumers.

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