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Unique Retail Trade Show Stands Help Increase Sales

November 18, 2016

Unique Retail Trade Show Stands Help Increase Sales

If your trade show marketing plans include retail sales, you already know that good merchandising is critical. What you may not know is how to design unique retail trade show stands that will not only attract attention and traffic, they'll actually help you sell more product. Retailers spend a great deal of time and money training their sales people to sell and upsell, how to get customers imagining the benefits or enjoyment they'd get from buying your products, and to always ask, "Do you want fries with that?" OK, you probably don't sell fries, but you get the idea; suggesting additions is a powerful sales technique. There's no replacement for trained and experienced sales people, but in your trade show booth, you can use banner stands to support your sales team by employing some of these same principles in a slightly different way.
  • Visualize The Benefits - If you have a firm understanding of your likely buyers, you also have a pretty strong idea of what motivates them to buy. If you're selling clothing, maybe it's comfort or style (or both). If you're selling replacement windows, it's likely for reasons like comfort and energy efficiency that people decide to buy. Whatever the motivations are, you can design a series of graphical banners that depict other people, people like them, enjoying those benefits. Use your brand logo on each banner for consistency, but use each banner to show another scenario featuring your most likely buyer personae enjoying a better life because they have your product. If it's comfortable outdoor clothing, show different people in your target audience wearing the clothes on fall hayrides, by a campfire in the mountains at sunset, sipping cocoa next to a snowman with their family…whatever it is, hit them in the heart with it.
  • Connect The Dots - It's not always obvious from looking at a product what it does, what its benefits and features are, or why it's different from other products that do the same thing. This is one place where banner stands really shine because it's really easy to design a series of banners that make it apparent what this thing is for, what it can do, and how it's better than competing products.
  • Show Them The Fries - You can help customers understand how your products work together to give them even better benefits, using banner stands, too. This is an excellent use for selective color photography: Black and white images with only your products in color. Again, use your logo in its usual color on every banner to maintain its recognizability. Sticking with the example of a clothing retailer, you could use black and white photos of several representatives of your target audience. The photos still tell a story about how those people are enjoying themselves, but in this case, you're using selective color to highlight the fact that they're not only wearing one of your shirts, but also a nice, warm hat and fingerless gloves. Or maybe they're carrying your latest satchel bag and wearing one of your swimsuits. The swimsuit will help you have a great day at the beach, but your beach day would be even better with this satchel.

Get Help Designing Unique Retail Trade Show Stands

The design experts at Skyline Trisource Exhibits are ready to help Detroit exhibitors create compelling images and the perfect message to boost retail sales at trade shows. From sound sales and marketing principles to professional photography and top quality banner stands, Skyline has everything your company needs to achieve better sales and marketing at every trade show.

Unique Retail Trade Show Stands
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